Chocolate and Chains



Rated:  NC-17 (explicit m/m sex)


Pairing: Giles/Spike

Warnings:  Very mild bondage, non-consensual movie-viewing.

Date:  September, 2000

Disclaimers:  The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, and Mutant Enemy.  No copyright infringement is intended, and no financial profit is anticipated.

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Dedication:  For Bobby, because we really have to watch this movie.

Response to Lizz's challenge, except in this story it's not blood in the picture:
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Chocolate and Chains
By atara
Copyright (c) 2000

Rupert Giles walked into his apartment, sighing heavily.  As soon as he closed the door, he felt hands on his waist, sliding sensuously up his side while pushing up his sweater, and then pulling it up over his arms and head.  He relaxed slightly into the touch, as he felt cold fingers at his neck undoing his tie.  "Spike."

"Hullo, pet.  Hard day at the office?"

"The merits of capitalism have been definitely overstated," murmured Giles.

"Well, Uncle Spike specializes in providing distraction for the hard-working small-business owner," replied the vampire cheerily as he wrapped a heavy chain around Giles' chest and arms.

"Spike!  Can't you see I'm tired?"

"Trust me," murmured Spike into Giles's ear.  "All you need to do is relax."

"Why don't I find that reassuring?" muttered Giles, as Spike locked one end of the chain to a link behind Giles's back, making sure it was tight against the white fabric of Giles's button-down shirt.

"You don't trust your Uncle Spike?" said the vampire with a pout, as he moved in front of Giles, pulling the other end of the chain over his shoulder and locking it with another padlock to the section of chain stretched across Giles's chest.

"Would you?" asked Giles drily, but warily, as the vampire procured another length of chain.

"Good point, luv.  I wouldn't trust me as far as you could throw me.  Hands!  Like this!"  Giles clasped his hands together the way Spike had indicated, and sighed slightly as the vampire wrapped several lengths of chain around his wrists.  Each end was padlocked to a link, so that a lock hung on either side.  "Now let's get somethin' straight here, mate.  You're chained and helpless, and anything that happens can't possibly be your fault."

"What exactly do you have in mind, Spike?" demanded Giles, shifting happily as he tested the constriction of the chain around him and felt the weight of the chain around his wrists, while still looking sternly at the grinning vampire.

"Telly!" exclaimed Spike happily.

"Oh, no, Spike.  You're not going to make me watch episodes of that soap opera of yours."

"No.  This is better.  Something you'd never watch if I didn't chain you up first."

Spike pulled Giles by the padlock over to the sofa and sat him down.  When Giles caught a glimpse of the video case he said, "No, no, Spike.  Absolutely not."  The vampire chuckled.  "Spike!  I'm serious.  I-it's part of the Watcher's Code--no films starring Keanu Reeves."

Spike stood up and stepped directly in front of Giles, swaying slightly his hand on one hip.  He raised his hand dramatically.  "One, you're no longer a Watcher; you're an entrepreneur.  Two, you're chained up, and you can't stop me.  Three, while I share your disdain for Keanu Reeves, this film and 'The Matrix' make up for the rest of his dismal career.  And four, I can no longer, in good conscience, be involved with a man who has not seen 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.'"

Giles growled softly.  "Spike, I will make you pay for this."

Spike had crouched down in front of the VCR to insert the film.  He wiggled his ass and glanced coyly back over his shoulder.  "I can't wait!"

Giles sat somewhat stiffly on the sofa, enjoying the tightness of the chain around him, but not able to find a relaxed position.   Spike gazed at him with a predatory affection and said, "Watch the beginning without me, mate.  I'm making you a treat in the kitchen."

I don't want to know, thought Giles to himself and tested his chains again before deciding to make the best of it and watch the film.  After some time, he found himself smiling involuntarily, then trying to eliminate the smile.

Spike came out of the kitchen with a fondue set and placed it carefully on the table.  He lit the sterno, while Giles watched, puzzled.  "Where on earth did you find that?"

"Deep inside the cupboard, Rupert.  You're a man of the past.  Or a man *with* a past.  Whatever."  The vampire casually wandered back to the kitchen and returned with a plate covered with chunks of fruit and pound cake.  And one fork.

"Spike.  You never cease to amaze me."

Spike grinned.  "Watch the movie, luv."  He speared a slice of banana on the fork and swirled it in the melted chocolate, then brought it to Giles's lips.  Giles opened his mouth obediently and ate it, a bit of chocolate running down the side of his mouth.  Spike quickly moved to lick it up, then fed himself before returning to feed Giles as they watched.

Suddenly, Giles snorted.  "Oh!  That is funny.  'All we are is dust in the wind, dude.'"

"Oh, bloody 'ell," muttered Spike, "tell me I'm not shaggin' a Kansas fan."

Giles raised his eyebrows.  "I only saw them in concert once.  And . . . bugger it . . . I am enjoying the film, Spike."

Spike pumped his fist in the air.  "Yeah!"  Then, "And just for being such a good boy, your Uncle Spike is going to give you some more fondue."  He brought a piece of cake dripping with chocolate to Giles's mouth, and Giles closed his eyes for a moment as he took it off the fork and bit into it.  His lips were covered in chocolate, and he was about to lick them off himself, when Spike stopped him.  The vampire licked Giles's lips very thoroughly, then invaded the human's mouth with a chocolate-coated tongue.  Giles eagerly sucked on the offered bounty.

Later, there was another snort and a loud laugh.  "I like that," announced Giles.  "'Medieval dickweed,' that's a good one!"

By this point in the movie, the fruit and cake were gone, and the fondue pot was almost empty.  Spike blew out the flame, and when the chocolate had cooled a bit, he dragged all five fingers through the chocolate, collecting as much as he could.  He brought one dripping finger to Giles's lips, and the human tentatively reached out a tongue.  "Oh!  Hot!"

"Sorry, love," said Spike as he, with studied casualness, rested the chocolate dipped hand on Giles's shoulder."

Giles looked horrified as chocolate ran down his white shirt.  "Spike!  Damn it!  My shirt."

"Oh that.  You have at least three more like it, Rupert.  Take it easy."  Spike then grabbed the padlock hanging from the chain in front and pulled Giles toward him.  "See, it's cooler now."  He roughly pushed one finger into Giles's mouth and Giles sucked the remaining chocolate off, then cleaned off each finger in turn.  Spike then kissed him hard, and their tongues traded chocolate back and forth until it was gone.  Then he settled back, one arm around Giles's shoulders, his fingers lightly looped under the chain that went over it.  There they remained until the end of the movie.

Spike turned off the TV.  "Well, pet?"

"I liked it.  I did.  Thank you."

"Ah, that's a good boy."

Spike was suddenly lifting the coffee table slightly out of the way and kneeling on the ground before Giles.  He unbuckled the human's belt, unfastened his pants, slipped off his shoes and socks, then indicated that Giles was to lift his ass a moment.  He pulled Giles's pants and shorts off in one go, leaving the white, chocoate-stained shirt on.  "That's a good look for you, Rupert," murmured the vampire, as the human's erect cock sprang up below the lowest button of his shirt.  Spike reached over to the fondue pot and scooped up one fingerful of congealing chocolate.  He smeared it over Giles's cock, while Giles watched him, sitting stiffly and feeling horny as hell, but unable to repress a slight shiver of distaste.

"Nancyboy," muttered Spike with a grin, before bending to lick the chocolate with a slow deliberate tongue.  Giles moaned and pressed his chained hands to his chest.

"Oh god more Spike!"

Spike lifted on eyebrow quizzically.

"Sod it, Spike!  More please!"

"That's better, luv."  Spike carefully licked all the chocolate off the organ in front of him, and then finally bent to take it into his mouth.  Giles shuddered at the sudden contact between the warmth of his swollen cock and the cold inside the vampire's mouth.  And then he groaned loudly as the vampire began to suck in earnest, using his powerful muscles to create the sensation that Giles' entire bloodstream was being drawn into his cock.

His breathing grew ragged, and the chain became an annoying constriction around his chest.  He had to press his hands hard to his neck so as not to drop the chain on Spike's head.  Too much to think about.  He wanted to focus on nothing but the power of the mouth that was pulling hard at his cock, to feel nothing but the motion of that mouth as the blond head moved back and forth, taking him all the way in on each stroke.

And the long-delayed orgasm built up inside him and surged violently through his cock, and he yelled, flinging his head back and baring his neck.  "Oh God!" he gasped, as the vampire's sucking slowed, and the nimble tongue worked to clean him up.

Spike grinned up at him, jumped up and began unlocking the padlocks as he bent to kiss Giles, returning his own taste to him faintly laced with chocolate.  "Thank you, Spike," said Giles breathlessly after the kiss broke off.  "You're spoiling me."

"Yes, I am spoiling my pet," said the vampire.  "Stay where you are.  Leave the shirt on.  I like the look."

Spike headed off for the kitchen while Giles rotated his head and shoulders and shook some of the stiffness out of his arms.  He felt a little absurd sitting on the sofa with his shirt on and no pants, but absurdity was frequently a component of his relationship with Spike.  The vampire came back from the kitchen carrying two white cups with saucers.  He handed one to Giles, who gratefully accepted the steaming tea.  Spike's own cup contained blood, and a bit had sloshed over one edge.  Giles shrugged; Spike was who he was, and he wouldn't trade this lover for all the books in the world.  Spike sat down next to him, and the two sipped their hot beverages in companionable silence.


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