Garak's Revenge
Chapter One: Julian at the Gates of Hell

     Bashir was not looking forward to this lunch.  Ever since the day a few weeks before when Garak had tried to rape him in the dressing room of his shop, the doctor had been avoiding him.  But now Garak had apologized, and had asked that they continue their relationship on its old footing.  Bashir had felt compelled to try, so here he was in the replimat--in public, where nothing could possibly happen, he reminded himself--waiting for the tailor to arrive.
     A voice came from behind him, making him jump.  "Hello, doctor.  Thank you for responding to my plea."
     "Hello, Garak.  I decided to consider it all a mistake,"  Julian said generously.  Then he saw Garak's eyes.  "It was a mistake, wasn't it?"
     Garak cocked his head strangely as he sat down with his tray.  "From your point of view, I suppose it was.  From mine..."  He trailed off, shrugging his massive shoulders.
     Julian decided not to pursue the subject.  He had another sip of his tea.  They sat in silence.  Uncomfortable silence.
     "Don't you want to know what I think about it?" Garak ventured.
     "I suppose that means you're going to tell me."  Bashir's smile was more like a grimace.
     Garak chuckled.  "Oh, doctor, I always forget how very young you are.  As beings age they can't always pick and choose their partners for gratification.  Which is my case exactly, at the moment."
     Julian's eyes widened.  "What are you trying to say, Garak?"
     "Only that there isn't much opportunity for me to get satisfaction on this station, as you would realize if you ever stopped to think about anyone but yourself."
     Julian flushed angrily.  "I'm sorry, Garak.  I'm sorry that you're lonely.  But it isn't my fault.  You can get satisfaction in a holosuite.  And just because I don't want to sleep with you
doesn't mean that I'm self centered."
     Garak laughed, but not with humor.  His eyes flashed in a way that sent a chill down Julian's spine.  "Sleep with you?  What a comfortable euphemism.  I have no desire to sleep with you, doctor.  What I want to do is fuck you."
     As fear struck at Julian's heart, arousal struck at his groin.  He leapt up from the table in a rage.
     "Oh, do sit down, doctor," Garak whispered, leaning back in his chair.  "I'm not going to throw you down right here and take you.  And don't try to tell me that you've never had a sexual thought about me, because I won't believe it."
     A few people at other tables had glanced in their direction, their eyes attracted more by Bashir's abrupt movements than by Garak's soft voice.  Julian thought of one or two passing
fantasies he'd had about Garak.  Revolted, he pushed them to the back of his mind.  He sat down slowly.
     "Look, Garak," he said reasonably, trying to still his beating heart, "to be perfectly honest, I'm not attracted to you.  I'd hate to lose our friendship, but if you keep talking to me
like that, I won't meet you any more."
     Garak sighed.  "How tedious," he said brightly, "but I never really expected another answer.  Before we drop the subject, doctor, just promise me that if you change your mind you'll let me know."
     "I certainly will, Garak.  You'll be the first to know," Julian said wryly.
     "That's settled then," Garak said with apparent relief.  "Now, on to other things."

     A few weeks later, Julian was practicing racquetball in one of Quark's holosuites.  He had worked up quite a sweat, and was completely lost in the rhythm of the game, when the door slid open and Garak walked in, carrying a small exercise bag very much like the one standing by the door that held Julian's clean uniform.
     "Good afternoon, doctor," Garak said courteously.  "I was gratified to find that you finally left the door unsecured."
     Bashir didn't stop playing.  "Hello, Garak," he said breathlessly.  "It was an oversight.  Anyway, I didn't know you played racquetball."
     "I don't," smiled the tailor.
     Julian missed a shot and turned to stare at him.  "Then what are you doing here?"
     "Ah," Garak said mysteriously, "you are just about to find out.  Computer," he said loudly, "override current program.  Run Garak, gamma dash 25 with personal voice print override only."
     Julian gaped as the scene changed around him.  Suddenly, he stood in a sumptuous bedroom hung everywhere with tapestries and fine fabrics.  A large, square bed occupied the middle of the room, covered simply in white linen sheets.
     "What is this?" Julian asked angrily.  "Bring back my program--I'm not finished practicing."
     "Oh, yes you are," Garak countered.  He zipped open the bag and dumped its contents on the bed.  Julian briefly saw a tangle of leather straps and steel rings as he stalked to the door.
     "Computer, end program," he said firmly.  Nothing happened.  "Computer, emergency exit, Bashir 2, alpha, sigma, 3."
     "Access denied," the computer voice said simply.
     "Security to holosuite 2!" Julian yelled.
     "Garak voice print not confirmed," the computer said neutrally.
     "How did you override my code?" Julian asked in horror.
     "A bit of latinum did the trick," Garak said, busily untangling whatever he had dumped out of the bag.
     "What is that?" Julian asked, fascinated in spite of himself.
     "Something you will soon become intimately acquainted with," Garak said pleasantly.
     "No," Julian said vehemently, "you're not putting that thing on me."
     "You can't get out of here," Garak observed.
     "I'll fight you.  You'll have to hurt me to do it.  You don't want to hurt me, do you, Garak?" he coaxed.  "We're friends, after all.  Just let me out."
     Garak shook his head.  "I was afraid you'd feel that way," he said with mock sadness.  Dropping the tangle of thongs and rings, he clapped his hands four times.
     Out of thin air materialized four young men.  All were naked save for a black pouch holding their genitals.  All were Bajoran, but one had Julian's own face.
     "Garak, really!" Julian exclaimed, staring at his reflection as he backed up against the wall.  "Did you have to go that far?"
     "I have to amuse myself when you aren't around," Garak shrugged.
     The good doctor put up a decent fight, Garak thought admiringly, but holosuite people, whatever their size, could be as strong as you liked, short of crushing your bones.  And these
young specters were strong.  Soon, Julian was spread-eagled on the bed with one slave holding each limb.  His skintight exercise outfit was stretched taut over his crotch, and the outline of his genitals stood out in relief.
     Garak stood at the foot of the bed and observed him carefully.  "Too bad, doctor.  No erection yet.  We'll soon take care of that."
     "You can't make me want you, Garak," Julian said defiantly.  Sweat dripped from his forehead and his limbs trembled slightly.
     Garak laughed.  "We'll see about that.  I'm going to give you an incentive to want me," he said.  "Believe me, you'll come around.  Willingly, even.  Cover his eyes," he ordered the
phantom servants.
     Julian's hands came together suddenly and were held in the vice-like grasp of one slave, while another held a cloth over his eyes.  He didn't have much leisure to contemplate that change, however, as a more alarming one occurred at another part of his
anatomy.  The sound of ripping fabric coincided with a cool breeze over his genitals.
     "Sorry, doctor," Garak sighed, "it was a nice outfit.  Come by the shop any time and I'll give you a new one.  Free of charge, of course."
     Cool hands picked up Julian's penis, which had now retracted to its smallest size.  He had the feeling that it was being inserted repeatedly into something cold and hard.  After about
the third insertion, it started to grow erect.  The hands thrust it quickly through twice more, and then the tip was pinched in something small and cold.  His balls were gently squeezed into some sort of container, and then seemed to dangle free.  The cloth was removed from his eyes.
     "There you are, doctor.  What do you think?"
     Julian looked down at himself.  He was still dressed in his exercise uniform, but his genitals protruded through a neat slit in the front.  His penis was tightly encased in six metal hoops of graduated sizes, with the smallest at the tip, connected by a hard piece of leather about seven inches long.  The largest hoop held his scrotum in its cool grip.  Garak knelt on the bed between his legs and engulfed Julian's captive penis in his mouth.  Julian gasped at the pain as the blood rushed into his hardening organ, pulling the lower ring taut against his scrotum.  "I think it's dangerous," he exclaimed.  "Why doesn't the holosuite safety override kick in?"  An awful thought hit him. "Garak!  Have you disabled it?"
     "No, no, even I wouldn't be so daring.  But you haven't actually been hurt... yet.  And besides, this device wasn't generated by the holosuite; it's very real."
     Garak watched Julian's face as he continued to caress and lick the doctor's penis.  One of the slaves rolled Julian's nipples hard between his fingers.  Julian groaned as more and
more blood was trapped in his erection, quickly making it rock hard.  The sensations ranged from delightful to excruciating.  "How do I get out of this thing?" he cried.
     "Simple, doctor.  You have to come.  But it won't be easy."
     For once in his life, Bashir was at a loss for words.
     Garak clapped his hands once and the simulated slaves released Bashir's limbs.  His hands flew to his tortured penis, clawing at the rings.  At a nod of Garak's head, two of the
slaves grabbed his arms again, holding them away from his erection.
     "Garak, have a heart," Julian pleaded.
     Garak laughed and shook his head.  "Oh, how you malign me, doctor.  Trying to remove the device in your present state could cause you permanent injury.  I'm simply protecting you from yourself."
     "All right, I see your point," Julian conceded.  "Let me go, and I won't touch it."
     Garak nodded again and Bashir's unreal captors released him.  Julian sat up and examined the device with as much rational attention as he could spare from his present dilemma: he desperately wanted to have an orgasm, and yet the very thought of
coming sent him into spasms of pain.
     "What do you want me to do?" he asked at last.
     "What! Defeated already?" Garak exclaimed.  "I thought you had more fight in you than that."
     "When I get out of this, you'll see how much fight I have in me," Julian said through clenched teeth.  "But, for right now, I'm willing to play along with you since you seem to hold all the cards."  His hands strayed to his afflicted organ.  "I just want out of this, Garak.  Tell me what to do."
     "And you'll do it?" Garak asked with delight.
     "That depends," Julian answered warily.
     "No, no, no.  On the contrary--your choice is simple."  Garak treated him to an oily smile.  "The only issue is whether you want to get out of that device badly enough.  That's all you
have to consider."
     "What if I refuse the choice?" Julian said furiously.  "Fine.  Right now you have me stuck in a barbaric device.  But eventually someone will come looking for me, and there won't be
anything you can do about it."
     Garak's eyes flashed with excitement and anger, and he pointed to the bag.  "Right now," he said quietly, "you may not think that things could get any worse.  But they can.  Believe
me, my dear doctor, they can get much worse."
     Julian believed him.  He choked back his response and looked silently at Garak.  It would be better if he tried not to show his anger and invite new torments, the thought of which visibly excited the Cardassian.  He tried to breathe evenly and be patient; he stared down at his reddening cock, wondering how much harder it could get.  Veins stood out starkly in the shaft where the rings bit red marks into his flesh.  Garak waited.  "I'll do what you want," Julian said finally.
     "Splendid, doctor," he said enthusiastically.  "Soon we won't be able to tell the difference between you and your alter ego here"--he indicated the simulated slave--"except for the nose ridges."
     Now Julian waited, feigning submission.  Rage built inside him as the aching of his cock and balls began to exceed anything in his experience.
     "All right, doctor," said Garak finally, a bit disappointed, "let's see how well you've learned your lesson.  Take off what's left of your clothes."  Bashir complied instantly without saying a word.  "So far, so good," Garak remarked.  "Now for the second test."  He opened his pants and pulled out his own erect member. "Kneel down and satisfy me," he ordered simply.
     "How?" Julian asked without looking at his face.
     Garak shrugged.  "However you wish."
     Feeling light-headed from pain and arousal, Julian knelt before Garak and took the Cardassian's member into his hands.  It was shaped much like a Terran penis, especially at the head, which was partially hidden by a smooth foreskin much like Julian's own.  The major difference was that the shaft of Garak's organ was covered in leathery, gray skin, rough to the touch, with three bulky ridges running down its length.  The thing was
large, as well, and too thick to fit comfortably in Julian's hand.
     "Can you feel anything through this thick skin?" he asked.
     "Ah!  Such concern for my pleasure!  I commend you, doctor.  Yes, I can feel more than you'd think.  But the head is the site of my most exquisite sensations, so I would advise you to concentrate on that."
     Julian began to stroke Garak's member with one hand, exploring with the other the space between Garak's legs, where he seemed to keep a very well-protected, solid bulge that must be his scrotum.
     "Not much sensation there, doctor," Garak said regretfully, "unlike you Terrans.  But then it makes you vulnerable, too, doesn't it?"
     Julian didn't answer, but continued to stroke him without much enthusiasm.
     "We'll never get there at this rate, doctor," Garak said with annoyance, "and that means you'll never get out of your fix."  He thought a moment.  "But why am I continuing to call you
doctor, while you call me plain Garak?  Hurry, slave, take your master's cock in your mouth."
     Julian would rather have done anything else, but he fearfully complied.  He realized with horror that he was starting to feel like a slave.  Was pain all it took to enslave a free
person?  As he sucked Garak's cock, he sincerely hoped not.  His own cock seemed to be at the point of bursting, and when one of the simulations knelt and took it into his hand, Julian gasped and doubled over, leaving Garak's member hanging in mid air.
     "Don't forget what you were doing, slave," Garak warned.
     Julian again started sucking Garak's erection, realizing as he did so that the simulated slave was taking his own strapped penis into his mouth.  He ventured a glance down.  It was the slave with his own face, of course.  As he grimaced in fury, his teeth closed hard on the head of Garak's cock, and the Cardassian came, releasing spurts of hot liquid down Julian's throat.  It tasted strong and alkaline.  Julian swallowed it as quickly as possible.  The simulation let go of his penis and withdrew.
     Now what's he going to do to me? Julian wondered silently.  And then he noticed with horror that Garak's erection hadn't gone down.  Not a bit.  He withdrew the organ from his mouth and looked at it incredulously.
     Garak laughed.  "That's right, doctor.  It takes three or four orgasms to make a Cardassian lose his erection.  But, if you like, we can do something else now."
     Guessing with dread what that might be, Bashir started sucking on Garak's member again, trying to bring him off at least once more this way.
     "Oh, no, slave," Garak said, "I have something else in mind for you.  Something I've heard you like.  Lie there," he ordered.  "Legs apart."
     Julian lay over the side of the bed with his legs spread wide.  With terror, he discovered that his hard-on was growing, making the rings bite still more painfully into his tender flesh,
pulling his scrotum ever tighter against the lower ring.  Garak quickly stood between his legs, placing his cock at Julian's opening.  A slave handed him something that turned out to be
lubricant.  Julian waited, trying to relax.  One finger, then two entered him, spreading a slippery substance inside and out.
     "Although your impertinence doesn't merit it," Garak commented, "this will keep my skin from tearing you apart inside.  Aren't you glad to hear that?"  Julian most certainly was.
     The fingers were retracted, and Garak's thick erection started to press him open.  Although it wasn't as large as Odo's, it was less pliable, and Julian felt stretched to the breaking
point.  He tried to relax and open himself to the invader.  Garak slid all the way in and stayed that way, throbbing inside him in a second orgasm.  Julian felt the rough skin of Garak's belly
abrade his tender ass.  To his own disgust, Julian felt incredibly aroused.  He bit his lip and clenched his fists to keep from crying out as Garak started to move in him.  His prostate ached terribly, and, each time Garak's member pressed into it, Julian felt a bolt of pleasure that increased the agony in his penis and balls.  The conflicting sensations overwhelmed
him, emptying his mind of everything else.  He began to writhe under the Cardassian, gasping and moaning with arousal in spite of himself, blushing in rage when he heard Garak's laughter.
     He had no idea how long Garak continued to thrust into him before the Cardassian came again.  Julian stayed as he had been placed even after Garak withdrew.  His agony seemed to fill the universe.  He wondered dully how much vascular damage might have been done to his member.
     As if reading the doctor's mind, Garak commented, "It isn't as bad as it feels, doctor.  You're young.  You'll recover quickly."
     It took Julian three tries to find enough voice to answer.  "Just tell me what to do," he whispered hoarsely.  "I want to get this over with."
     "Poor slave," Garak said, shaking his head.  "We didn't know we had such a powerful effect on you.  Let's end it quickly, then, shall we?  Get up."  Julian obeyed, standing on unsteady legs, staring at his tormented penis and wondering if it was really half again as thick as he'd ever seen it.  "Here you are," Garak said cordially, lowering his pants and bending over the side of the bed where Julian had just been.  "All I can advise is to move slowly and persevere.  Don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen for a long while."  Julian stood wavering, feeling dazed.
     "Let me out of here," he said dully.
     "Why certainly, doctor," Garak replied.  "I'll open the door right away if that's what you really want.  But I advise you to think it over first."
     Sensing a trick, Julian forced his mind to plod slowly through the logical consequences of leaving the holosuite.  First, he'd have to stuff his swollen member into his clothes and
stagger to the infirmary.  When he got there, he'd get the thing off--but how?  Did he want an orderly to help him?  And how would he do it, with a laser cutter?  He looked at his penis; he looked at Garak, who still lay observing him with interest.
     "Would you like to leave, doctor?"
     Julian swayed a bit as he stood there.  "No."
     "Are you sure?  I can give you the code right now."
     Julian swallowed hard, realizing the full extent of the bind Garak had him trapped in.  "No.  I'll stay."
     "Well, then, don't you want to fuck me?"  Garak looked around at him expectantly.
     "Of course I want to," Julian roared furiously, coming suddenly to life.  "I want to get out of this contraption, don't I?"  He slapped some lubricant on Garak's cleft and, with his
aching erection, started to apply steady pressure against the opening.  The first ring popped in.
     "Ah," Garak sighed, "I told you I could make you want me."
     Julian was concentrating too hard to answer, leaning into Garak's tough orifice.  The second ring popped in, then the third and fourth.  Julian was breathing hard, pushing against the pain, feeling as if there were two warring factions in his body that fought for control of his movements.  Pleasure and pain, pain and pleasure.  Each move that he made caused one or the other, or both, arbitrarily.  His body sang with sensation like a plucked
string.  The fifth ring popped in.  Garak's leathery backside was flat against his belly as the sixth ring moved flush with the opening.
     Cautiously, Julian started pumping in and out, finding as he went on that, as long as he kept moving, he could actually bear the pain and make some progress towards release.  As he moved, Garak moved under him, making no attempt to stifle the sounds of satisfaction that Julian was eliciting from him.
     "Harder, if you can, doctor," he said breathlessly, "don't be afraid of hurting me."
     "The thought never crossed my mind," Julian snapped, emboldened by the position he now occupied.  "I'm just trying not to do myself permanent harm.  Now, if you could just be quiet so I could concentrate?"
     "Don't press your luck, slave," Garak retorted.  "You're in my control until you've done your job."
     "Or until Quark needs the holosuite for his next customer," Julian remarked.
     "Not to worry.  I extended your rental for another two hours.  At my own expense, I might add."
     "Thanks," Julian said glumly, wincing as he gave an especially hard thrust that made Garak moan.
     "You're quite welcome," Garak said expansively.  "What are friends for?"
     Julian didn't think friends were for using, but he stifled the comment and drove on, forcing himself towards orgasm.  Sometimes he made great progress, only to lose it all when Garak
clenched his anus and sent a spasm of pain through Bashir's body.  The Cardassian obviously knew what was involved here, and was toying with him, dragging his torment out as long as possible.  Julian clenched his teeth against the pain and plodded on.
     When he finally thought he might be getting close, he dared to increase the frequency of his thrusts.  Garak got the signal, and took his own cock into his hand, rubbing it vigorously.  He no longer bothered to torture Julian by clenching his buns, but concentrated on his own pleasure.
     Julian thought of Odo, of how the shapeshifter had never caused him physical pain, even when he had held him down to fuck him.  He tried to imagine extensions of Odo's substance winding gently around his injured member, soothing away all its misery.  A few strokes later, he began to come.  At first, he was overtaken by such an intense wave of agony that he nearly lost his balance.  The agony transmuted itself into bliss and back again, and his mind strayed lost between them, almost unable to tell the difference during an extended moment.  When his penis began to pulsate, he screamed and pressed his belly as hard as he
could against Garak's ass.
     Pulling out of Garak's cleft with difficulty, he fell away panting onto the bed, where he lost no time in squeezing his slightly softened penis through the hoops, aided by the slippery
lubrication provided by his own semen.  His member was ringed by red grooves that, upon inspection, looked superficial.  He threw the device viciously into a corner.
     Garak rearranged his clothes and went over to retrieve the object.  "Thank you, doctor, for a most enjoyable time."
     "As far as I'm concerned, Garak, this was rape, and I intend to report it to the station Security Chief."  Julian glanced involuntarily at the slaves, who regarded him insolently.  His
look-alike was leering and waving a large erection at him.  "Get rid of them," he ordered.
     "As you wish," Garak sighed.  "They serve no purpose now."  He snapped his fingers and they disappeared.
     "As I was saying, I intend to report this..."
     "To your lover, Odo.  I know, I know.  Go right ahead.  But just think for a moment about who's been fucking whom for the last hour and a half."
     Julian opened his mouth and then closed it.  "An hour and a half?" he asked incredulously.
     "That isn't bad," Garak consoled him.  "My first time, it took two."
     "This is my first and last time," Julian returned.  "Don't try this again, I'm warning you."
     "Oh, how tiresome," Garak yawned.  "You're going to tell Odo and Kira, and they're both going to be glaring at me for the next few months.  How ridiculous."  He stood and packed the device away, along with another leather item that looked like a tangle of straps.  Julian realized it was a multi-headed whip, covered with heavy, knotted straps.  He shuddered briefly, wondering if Garak had actually planned to do him more injury and then
restrained himself.  "At any rate, my young friend," Garak continued, moving towards the door, "if you don't want me in here, then remember to secure the door.  And I mean that," he
added with a smile that was sinister and flirtatious at the same time.  "Computer, end program Garak gamma dash 25.  Open door."
     "Voice identification confirmed.  Program ended."
     The door slid closed on the blank holosuite.  Julian looked at the timer.  He had another hour.  He glanced at his bag, which held a clean uniform, and then down at his penis, on which the angry red grooves had grown shallower, but no lighter.
     "Computer, place a security lock on the door.  Voice print override only.  Authorization Bashir 2, alpha, sigma, 3."
     "Security lock complete."
     "Run program Bashir dash 5."
     "Program complete."
     In the middle of the room, a shower stall materialized, complete with running water.  A pile of thick towels lay nearby. Bashir walked in and dropped straight to the floor, letting the
hot water run over him.

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