Garak's Revenge
Chapter Three: The Contest


    Julian strolled along the Promenade, heading slowly home for bed.  Odo was working late tonight, and Kira was at Quark's entertaining a friend from Bajor.  She had asked him to join
them, but Dabo held little appeal for him.  He never felt as if he got into the spirit of the game.  He was tired, anyway.  The events of the last week must be catching up with him.  He yawned.
That trick he played on Garak had been deeply satisfying.  He'd stopped feeling angry all the time, and had actually started coming to terms with what Garak had done to him, now that he'd
watched the recording three or four times.
     Julian spent a few minutes peering into the window of a new jewelry store, and wondering if his mother would like one of the bracelets he saw there.  Deciding that its lines weren't simple
enough for her taste, he had just turned to move on when he realized that someone was blocking his way.
     "Garak," he said cautiously, "I haven't seen you in a few days."
     The tailor laughed.  "No, you haven't.  And that has been intentional on my part, my dear doctor."  They fell into step together.  "I've been making some plans," Garak continued, "and
you'll begin to appreciate their effect almost immediately."
     Fear and disbelief warred in Julian's breast.  "What do you mean?" he asked, on the edge of anger.  "What kind of plans?"
     "I think we both know what kind of plans I might be making," Garak said without meeting his eyes.  "I told you the other day that I would have you again, and I will."
     Julian hesitated.  Garak still thought that he had taken an image of Julian in the holosuite.  At the thought of lying helpless on that bed while the Cardassian pounded into him, a beat of arousal filled his groin.  Even more exciting was the thought that Garak didn't know it had been him.  "But we're even now, Garak," he said finally.  "I don't want to go on with this."
     "You have no choice, doctor.  It's my turn to make the choices now.  And I will have you, never doubt it.  You'll have proof of that tonight."  He turned suddenly and walked the other
way, leaving Julian standing confused at the entrance to the habitat ring.
     As he continued to his quarters he wondered if Garak intended to attack him.  He'd tell Odo as soon as he reached his quarters.  Relief flooded him as he tapped in the access code and
walked into the familiar room.  At any rate, Odo and Kira would be here in a few hours.  He could keep watch until then.
     He got a book and walked over to the bed, kicking off his boots as he went.  An unfamiliar object sat on his pillow.  He picked it up and discovered to his horror that it was a g-string
like the ones worn by the simulated slaves in Garak's holosuite program.  The door chime buzzed.
     "Who is it?" Julian asked cautiously, leaving the sleeping alcove.
     "Who do you think it is?" came Garak's voice.  "Were you expecting anyone else?"
     Instinctively, Julian took a step back from the door, the g-string still in his hand.  "I don't find this amusing, Garak.  I'm reporting it to Odo right away."
     "Can I come in to discuss it first?" Garak coaxed.
     "No," Julian said firmly.
     The door slid open and Garak strode purposefully in, heading right for Julian.  The doctor hit his comm badge and started to call for help, but the stronger male was on him in seconds,
pinning his arms at his sides.  "Would you care to reconsider that decision, doctor?"
     "I don't have anything to say to you," Julian cried.  "What do you want?"
     "Not much, for right now.  Later, everything.  For tonight all I want you to do is put that garment on."  He let go of one of Julian's hands to pull his comm badge off and pocket it.
"Pick it up, please, doctor."  Julian complied, finding that his knees were beginning to feel weak.  "Now, take off your clothes, put it on, and let me admire you."  Julian hesitated.  "Now,
doctor, or I'll do it for you.  And that might not be pleasant."  He took his hands off the doctor and took a few steps back.  "Proceed."
     With fumbling fingers, Julian removed his shirt, then his pants and socks, finally standing before Garak in his black briefs.
     "Those, too, doctor.  Hurry, now, I have some alterations to do tonight."  Julian pulled off his briefs, and Garak handed him the g-string.  Clumsily, he tried to fit it over his genitals.
     "No, no, doctor," Garak said impatiently.  "Allow me."  He tied two of the ribbons together around Julian's slim waist and fit the black satin cup over his penis and balls.  The other
ribbon he threaded taut through Julian's cleft and then retied all three together.  He pulled on it from behind as if testing to see if it would hold.  The sensation of the ribbon pressing
against Julian's opening started to give him an erection.  Garak laughed appreciatively.
     "How becoming," he remarked with a smile.  "I think you'll find that wearing this garment will keep you in an aroused state much of the time.  I would like you to wear it always under your uniform while you're waiting for me, although I don't suppose you'll comply."  He ran his hands softy over Julian's ass. Julian's cock stiffened and grew inside the pouch.  Garak
caressed it gently.
     "Splendid," exclaimed Garak.  "You'll be ready for me when I come back.  Good evening, doctor."  Placing Julian's comm badge on the table, he walked out.
     Julian stood paralyzed for a few moments.  So, he wasn't going to be raped.  Not tonight, anyway.  He took a deep breath, and then fetched the communicator pin from the table.  After
putting in a quick call to Odo, he picked up his clothes and headed to the bathroom for a shower.  Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror sent a shock wave through his body.  There was the simulated slave from the other day in every detail save the nose ridges.  And his cock was still erect, making a large bulge in the black satin pouch.  "No," he whispered, "that isn't me."  He struggled to untie the strings, breathing hard.

     "Garak!"  Julian sat up suddenly in the dark, trembling and covered with sweat.
     "Lights!" Kira yelled, feeling frantically for him in the bed.
     When the lights came up, Julian was panting, holding his tousled head in his hands.  Nerys tried to still her beating heart.  "Another nightmare?" she asked, running her hands through
her hair.
     "Yes.  An awful one.  Garak again."  Julian spoke thickly, as if fighting to get the words out.
     Kira moved over to put her arms around him.  "We have to do something about him," she said gently.  "You can't go on like this."
     "I know," Julian said, returning her embrace.  "I had no idea what I'd started.  I didn't know how important it would be to him to get me back."
     "It's not your fault he's been stalking you for a week," Nerys pointed out sensibly.  "And if Odo catches him at it tonight, he'll end up in the brig."
     "I know."  Julian held her closer.  "But he's caught me off guard three times in just a few days.  I'm almost starting to feel that there's no escape.  I'm still afraid that he'll show
around that datachip of me in the holosuite if Odo arrests him, but right now I just want him to leave me alone."  They lay down and began to stroke one another's skin.
     "Julian," Nerys said hesitantly, "I know I've asked you this before, but why don't you just tell him that he's already had you again?  He still thinks he was doing it with a simulation."
     Julian laughed.  "After all my careful plans, he probably wouldn't believe me anyway.  He'd think I was grovelling, trying to get out of whatever he's planning to do to me.  And, anyway, I
don't want to tell him."  He paused.  "You're still wondering why I did it, aren't you?"  She nodded, and he sighed.  "I'm not sure how to explain it without sounding like a fool.  I wanted him.  Badly, I'm ashamed to admit, but I didn't want him to know, and I still don't.  I know I took a risk, and I'm paying for it now, but I was incredibly aroused by the idea of letting him have me at his mercy and then fooling him into thinking he really didn't.  I wanted to have my cake and eat it, too.  It was my joke on him, and, whatever happens, at least I'll still have that."
     "Nothing's going to happen," Nerys said firmly.  "Odo is going to catch him stalking you tonight and then you'll be safe.  Remember, I reconfigured my comm badge so that he'd think you were alone in here."  She placed her mouth over his and kept him from saying any more.
     They kissed slowly for a long time, their lips and tongues moving over each other's mouths and faces.  Their hands strayed around each other's bodies.  Julian pulled away from Nerys's kiss and bent to take a nipple into his mouth.  Her breasts were firm, each tipped by a small aureole and a large brown nipple that stood up satisfactorily when he tongued or ran his fingers across them.  He moved from one to the other and back again.  Nerys made sounds of arousal and took his nipples between her fingers.  As Julian compressed each of her nipples between his tongue and teeth, she felt a hard throb of pleasure in her groin.  She started reaching for him, trying to draw his erection to her, but Julian slid down instead and buried his tongue in her opening labia.  Her musky smell of arousal always made him ache with
desire, and he drove his tongue deep into her, feeling her open and rise to meet him.
     Nerys never tired of Julian's tongue.  Somehow he, even more than Odo, understood exactly what she wanted, and how that changed as her arousal progressed towards orgasm.  His alertness to her needs now made him shift the tip of his tongue from her clit, down through her labia, to her vagina, where he probed as deeply as he could before moving back to tease the area around her clit.  She was ready to come now, and he knew it; he helped her hold off and build to a spectacular climax.
     When he finally moved back to her clit, she cried out and grabbed at his head, squeezing him with her thighs until her spasms ended.  He got up and smiled at her, his face shining with
her juices.  She pulled him down to her chest, where he rubbed his face all over her breasts, feeling her erect nipples against his cheeks, and then licked the juices up.  She brought his mouth to hers and tasted herself on his slightly swollen lips.  His cheeks and hair were damp with her oceanic smell.  He entered her slowly and took her into his arms.  After a few strokes, she came again, grabbing his waist with both hands and crying out.  She felt him grow hot inside her, and began to squeeze her muscles rhythmically around him, gradually building the intensity of her grip until he was moaning with delight.  He raised himself on his hands and pushed deep inside her when he came, making small cries of joy and throwing back his head.  She welcomed him back into her arms, feeling the spasms die away throughout his body.
     "Julian," she said contentedly, rubbing her face in his hair.
     "I love you," he said simply, and reached up his mouth for a kiss.
     They lay dozing, side by side.

     Quark wiped the bar studiously.  He knew that Odo was waiting to have a talk with him, but he kept hoping that he'd manage somehow to avoid it.
     "Quark?" came Odo's voice from a few feet away.
     "I've always been a dreamer," Quark sighed.
     "What's that?"
     "Nothing," Quark answered sullenly.
     "Good, because I have some questions to ask you."
     "Let me guess.  They're the same questions you've been asking me for days.  Well, I've already answered them, and I have nothing else to say.  Why do you keep asking them over and over?"
     "Because I keep hoping you'll tell the truth," Odo said loudly.  A few patrons turned and laughed at the barkeep's predicament.
     "So, did you override Dr. Bashir's security code for Garak?"
     "I already told you."
     "Tell me again."
     "All right.  No," Quark said emphatically.
     "Then why did I find traces of a contraband security override protocol in the holosuite computer?"
     "I don't know," Quark shrugged.  "Maybe Garak left it there."  Quark had no qualms about implicating his employer once the latinum had changed hands.
     "With that protocol," Odo continued, "he could have overridden the holosuite safety lock.  He could have put Dr. Bashir in danger."
     "Danger!" Quark snorted.  "The only danger the doctor faced was having to spend the night in harness."
     "Which brings me to another question: why did you watch what was going on in there?  Aren't your clients entitled to privacy?"
     "Usually," Quark said cautiously, "but Garak had told me he was going to play racquetball with Dr. Bashir.  I wanted to see Bashir wipe the floor with him, but I was treated to a completely different spectacle."  He rolled his eyes and leered disgracefully at the memory, making Odo grimace with impatience and disgust.
     "When you figured out what was going on, why didn't you call Security?"
     "Garak paid me well not to disturb him.  I kept watching so I'd know if anything really dangerous happened.  Then I would have called you.  But you must admit that Dr. Bashir was never in any real danger."
     "Just in pain," Odo remarked.
     "Oh, pain," scoffed Quark, waving his hand dismissively, "a little pain builds character, especially for a self-centered young man like the doctor.  It was probably good for him."  He
looked slyly at Odo.  "Besides, from the exalted position he was in, I thought he was enjoying himself.  Garak certainly was."
     Realizing that Quark was just toying with him, Odo turned to go.  "On more thing, Quark.  If I find out that you helped Garak, or if I find out that you're helping him now, I'll throw you in
the brig.  I'll charge you with harassment, assault, rape, kidnapping, and intent to do bodily harm, and you'll stand trial right beside Garak.  Understand?"
     "Yes," Quark said, rubbing the counter vigorously again.  "I also understood the other three times you said it."
     Odo growled in frustration and stalked away.  Quark raised his eyes briefly at the shape shifter's back and smiled.  "But I've seen that tape," he murmured softly.

     Julian heard his own sharp intake of breath as he awakened with a start.
     "Again?" Nerys asked, tightening her arms around him.
     "Yes."  He felt too exhausted to say any more.
     "Why don't you take something for it?"
     "Good idea," he said.  "I've been afraid to before, but with Odo out after Garak tonight, I guess it would be all right."  He rose and got his medical kit, removing a small box that opened
into a V.  "I'll place this on my forehead and activate it," he instructed her.  "Wait until the green light goes off and then remove it.  I ought to be nearly comatose for an hour or more, so
don't be afraid if you can't wake me."
     Nerys did as she was asked, placing the device back into the medikit, and putting the whole thing on the desk.  Julian seemed unconscious.  His breathing was shallow and so quiet she had to bend over him to hear it.
     Her communicator came alive.  "Odo to Nerys."
     She pulled her uniform off the back of a chair.  "Nerys here."
     "I've found Garak.  He's trying to go through the maintenance tunnels to Julian's room, and I need you to cover his back while I head him off."
     She glanced at Julian.  "I can't, Odo.  Julian used a somnifer, and I can't leave him."
     Odo's voice sounded impatient.  "You have to.  What harm can he come to if we have Garak trapped in the tunnels?"
     "All right.  Tell me where to meet you."  Odo mentioned a section on the other side of the station.  Kira grabbed her clothes and dressed quickly.  Before leaving, she shook Julian
tentatively, but got no response.  On an impulse, she pulled back one of his eyelids.  He didn't move a muscle.
     "Sorry, love," she whispered, and kissed his forehead.  A moment later she was gone.
     Very shortly afterwards, the door slid open, having failed to chime first.  Garak slipped in, walking silently over to where Julian lay helpless.  He put his hand over Bashir's mouth, but
felt no responding tension.  "You really did use a somnifer," he murmured.  He shook the doctor's body, getting no response.  Pulling the covers back, he looked critically at Julian's naked body.  The smell of sex wafted out at him.
     He swore softly.  "I wanted you awake, doctor," he said angrily, "but the best-laid plans of voles and men sometimes go awry."  It would be too risky to carry Julian to the hiding place
he had fitted with everything they would have needed, including an expensive sensor scrambler purchased from Quark that would hide their lifesigns.  He would have been able to keep the doctor all to himself for a full day or more before anyone found him.
     "Our next tryst will have to wait, doctor.  I'll just leave you a message."  He reached into his pocket.

     "Kira to Odo," Kira signaled impatiently.  She'd been waiting in this access tunnel for ten minutes, and there was still no sign of the shapeshifter.
     "Odo here."
     "Where are you, Odo?  I'm waiting."
     "I'm still at the stakeout point waiting for Garak."
     Kira's mind raced as fear grabbed her gut.  "Odo, didn't you ask me to meet you in section twelve?"
     "No, Major.  Someone must be impersonating me."
     "I bet I know who it is," Kira said grimly.  "Odo, get back to Julian as fast as possible.  I'll get there as soon as I can."
     "Understood."  The shape shifter turned into a cheetah and sprinted down the nearly empty Promenade as fast as he could go.

     Kira held her chest and tried to catch her breath as she hit the comm panel outside Julian's door.  "Odo," she gasped, "let me in."
     The door slid open and she saw the shape shifter squatting beside the bed.
     "Julian," she said, reaching for him with both hands.  He was warm.  He had a pulse.  She breathed again, and her throat stopped feeling as if she had swallowed a bone.  She looked
around.  "Was he here?"
     Odo nodded.  "Probably.  The Security lock was compromised, but I don't know what he did yet."
     Kira prowled around the room, looking for signs of the intruder.  As she circled back to the bed, Julian groaned and opened his eyes.
     "What's happening to me?" he gasped, throwing back the covers.  Kira looked at his erection in horror.  It was large, rock-hard, and red at the tip, and it was firmly encompassed by
six small metal rings.
     Kneeling on the bed, Kira took his penis in her hands.  She heard his sharp intake of breath and realized that she had caused him pain.  She dropped it as if it had burned her hand.  "How do we get it off, Odo?  What about a laser cutter?"
     Odo had picked up Julian's tricorder and was scanning the device.  "No possibility of cutting the rings, I'm afraid.  They're digging into him.  What about the transporter?"
     Kira thought.  "The transporter won't work for the same reason."  She swallowed her anguish, and tried to keep her voice even.  "I can't think of any other way to do it."
     Julian laughed with a choking sound.  "I can.  The way Garak wants us to get it off.  And it isn't easy."
     "I can't do that to you, Julian," Nerys said.
     "I need your help," he cried, sitting up.  His face changed as more blood coursed into his genitals.  "Please, start now, do anything you can.  I have to get out of this."
     Odo approached and took Julian's cock into his mouth, running his tongue soothingly over the flesh and avoiding the places where the rings bit in.  Julian tried not to show how
intense the sensations were, but when Nerys took his nipples into her hands, he cried out, and then grabbed her hands to keep her from withdrawing them.
     "It's all right, Nerys," he said hoarsely, trying to smile.  "I'm finding it's easier the second time."  In fact, it wasn't easier--it was worse knowing what each new stage of torment was
going to feel like as it arrived.
     "Talk to me, Nerys," he whispered, trying to concentrate on the excitement of their touch.
     "What should I talk about?" she asked, surprised.
     "About this.  Or anything."
     "If I mention something you don't want to hear, tell me, all right?"  She paused to reflect.  "I was thinking about when we watched the film of Garak tormenting you.  We all got excited and
started making love.  Now that the device is actually on you again, I can't believe I thought it was exciting."
     "Actually, it is," Julian moaned.  "I'd do anything to get out of it right now, but..."  He drifted off, eyes closed.  While his body was racked with pain and delight, his mind grappled with
another problem.  The idea of being caught like this, of being forced to come to find his way out of agony, was suddenly arousing in itself.  Was Garak toying with him, training him for
some future game?  "I can't explain it," he said with an effort.  "I'm in such pain it's terrifying, but I've never felt...  I feel..."  He fell silent again, overwhelmed by the conflicting
sensations he was trying to sort out.  Nerys fell silent, too, unsure of what he had just tried to tell her.
     "Odo," Julian said suddenly, opening his eyes wide, "would you mind letting me thrust into you?  I need to push against something."
     "Of course," said the shape shifter, suddenly forming a compact pool of himself over Julian's penis.
     Julian plunged up into Odo's substance, pacing his thrusts to maximize his arousal, so that the pain of each stroke had not quite passed before he made the next one.  "Nerys," he called,
"please come here.  I want to lick you."
     She complied willingly, and he inserted his tongue once again into her labia, holding her bottom with one hand and mouthing her like a starving man.  With the other hand, he
stroked through Odo as he pushed his member into the shape shifter's gelatinous mass.
     Nerys had never felt his mouth so voracious on her.  His tongue moved powerfully into her as his lips sucked up her juices and his teeth bit her nether lips and thighs.  Nerys came three
times in succession, and then moved around to kiss his mouth and nipples, licking her own scent off his face.  When she went to fetch the dildo, Julian gave her a wan smile as he turned to lie on top of the shape shifter's pliant mass and thrust down into him.  This time, he was drawing close to orgasm much faster, not having Garak's tough conduit to work against.  As he had imagined the other time, Odo's material soothed instead of irritating his sore organ, and it fed back Odo's pleasure directly to his swollen flesh.
     Attaching the dildo to herself, Nerys entered him quickly.  The warm, vibrating object felt soothing against his insides, gently stimulating his prostate.  As he rose slowly to his
climax, his organ became more engorged and painful.  His balls were pulled taut against their ring.
     Nerys moved in him slowly, trying not to hurt him any more than necessary.  She felt truly strange being in the position of having to hurt someone in such an intimate way to help him.  All the things she usually did to cause him pleasure had a double edge tonight.  Her sensations were skewed by the presence of that thing on his cock.  What usually excited her a great deal wasn't very interesting, while things she had never allowed herself to think went coursing through her mind, leaving a trail of electricity in their wake.  As she thrust into him, the idea that he was helpless with pain, trapped under her thrusting body, started to arouse her.  She felt confused and out of control, wishing this would end soon, but savoring every second.  Her
thrusts became harder and more frequent, and each gasp or cry she drew out of him sent a thrill of pleasure through her being.  She came repeatedly, feeling him tremble in excitement and suffering.
     Reaching around through Odo to take Julian's crucified member into her hand, she realized that she was extremely aroused by the thought of Garak wanting him.  Not that she found Garak
exciting, but she suddenly identified with him.  The dream-image of Julian as a slave that she had long ago tried to discard came unbidden to her mind.  She shoved into him still more forcefully and came so hard she shouted.
     Soon Julian moaned distressingly as his climax began.  When his penis finally throbbed and spurted he nearly sobbed, dropping on Odo in exhaustion.  Nerys turned him over quickly and started taking him out of the device.  He let her do it, almost too overwhelmed to care.  He winced as the blood flowed back into the pinched places.
     Finally, she held the thing up gingerly by the edge of its leather strap.  "I'd like to see this monstrosity on that Cardassian monster."  Her recent thoughts were quickly put away
into the back of her mind; she no longer found them arousing, but appalling.
     "He likes it," Julian remarked in a husky voice without opening his eyes.  "He'd be eternally grateful.
     A summons went off at Julian's terminal.  "What's that?" Odo asked.
     "I don't know," Julian replied, wincing as he sat up too quickly.  He walked over to the terminal and found that a timed message was waiting for him.  He pushed the release button and Garak's face filled the screen.
     "Hello, my young friend," Garak said briskly.  "By now, you've probably awakened from a nightmare that turned out to be true.  I doubt you're still embroiled in it by this time; after all, you have friends to help you out."  He laughed.  "I did it mainly for them, you know.  I thought they should also have the experience of knowing how pleasurable it is to torment you.  It's
your move, my dear doctor, the next time we meet."  The screen went blank.
     Nerys slammed her hand down on the desk.  "This has to stop!" she exclaimed harshly.  She turned to the Security Chief.  "Now you have to arrest him.  You have proof that he broke into
Julian's quarters and assaulted him in his sleep."
     Odo sat at the terminal and examined the message's documentation.  "You're right," he said, "I can prove that Garak was here."  He rose.  "I'm going to find him."

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