Magick and Consequences



Rated:  NC-17


Pairing:  Willow/Faith

Summary: Faith introduces Willow to some consequences of using magick.

Disclaimer: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, and Mutant Enemy.  No copyright infringement is intended, and no financial profit is anticipated.

Warning: Rough sex and moderate BDSM.

Note: This story was written for the Cliché Fuh-Q-Fest at  
The BTVS challenge was: "A spell gone wrong reveals feelings between two characters that they didn't know they had. Deal with it."  This story depicts an alternate version of some of the events in the final arc of Season 7.  Some spoilers.

Dedication:  To Bobby, with gratitude.

Magick and Consequences

By atara

Copyright (c) 2003

"No.  No.  Shit-what did I do wrong?"  Willow pushed her hair away from her forehead, frowning in frustration at the candle and other spell-making materials in front of her.  "I mean . . . where the hell did that come from?"  She paused.  "Hell.  Ha-ha.  That would explain it," she muttered wryly.  She shook her head, trying to erase the image that still filled it, the image of a face that had also wavered in the flickering of the candle flame.

"I don't understand how I could have gotten that spell wrong."  Willow glanced at her watch; she had enough time alone to go about this a different way.  The slayers and the others were on a scouting trip, seeing how many people were still in Sunnydale, and intending to convince those who were there to leave.  And she knew Xander and Anya had slipped into one of the nearby vacant houses for some privacy, and Spike was probably staring at the TV.  Willow collected herself, did a breathing exercise to calm herself, then quickly gathered what she needed for a different type of spell.  This spell had a locator spell as part of it, and when the small glowing light appeared before her, Willow said, "OK, wait a minute," while she cleared away the evidence of her spellmaking.  Then she grabbed her shoulder bag and followed the light out of the house.

As she continued following it, she saw a figure approaching her.  "Oh God," murmured Willow when the small light didn't pass by the dark-haired slayer who was coming nearer, but settled hovering in front of her chest.

Seeing it, Faith irritably swatted at the light, but it maintained its position with seeming stubbornness.  "What the hell did you do to me, Witch?" snapped the slayer.

Willow muttered the necessary words to make the light wink out and stammered.  "I didn't do anything, Faith, I swear.  I wasn't trying to do anything.  It was a simple spell-I was just asking a question.  And it didn't have anything to do with you."

"Yeah, well, haven't you been known to fuck up spells before?" growled Faith.  "C'mon.  Let's take a walk."

As they walked, Willow protested "I honestly don't know what went wrong.  And it doesn't make any sense.  Because I tried to check it with a totally different type of spell, and it came out the same.  You?"

"Hey, don't make it sound so bad, hon'," said Faith with a grin.  "Could be good for a laugh or two."

"The spell wasn't about a laugh or two, Faith."

"I know," replied the slayer in an uncharacteristically gentle tone.  "Either way, we gotta talk."

The two young women walked along in silence, occasionally glancing at the other's profile, then just as quickly looking forward.  Faith led the way into a nearby cemetery, heading for a stone bench.

"Here?" asked Willow, half-amused.

"Yeah, well, I feel at home here," muttered the slayer.  "And we're bound to have privacy."  The cemeteries were unusually quiet with the advent of the First in Sunnydale.  So many people had left, that hardly any burials were taking place.  "So.  Spill."

Willow put her face in her hands for a moment.  "I . . . well, I was doing this spell to show me the face of . . . of . . . of my . . . loved one--into the future.  I just wasn't feeling sure about whether this thing with Kennedy is going to last or what . . ."

"Welll," drawled Faith with a grin.  "You definitely could do better."

"Faith!" Willow half-snapped and half-complained.  "This is hard enough."


"I dunno.  It feels good when I'm with her, but not, well, complete.  Sometimes I've found myself wondering if my feelings for her have been more a response to her pursuing me.  'Cause there's something that doesn't feel all the way right inside.  So I did this spell.  And, you probably can guess what happened.  I saw . . . your face."

Faith leaned back against the back of the bench, folded her arms, a half-mocking smile on her face.  "Bet that surprised the fuck out of you, huh?  That's probably when that thing happened to me-like one of those light-bulb-going-on things.  I felt this huge, what? . . . rush of feelings and want and hunger for you, but it wasn't at all like just being in lust.  I didn't know what the fuck was going on."

"That makes two of us," noted Willow wryly.  "So I did this breathing thing to relax, and I did a different kind of spell--asking who was the person who loved me, and part of it was the locator spell which would point me to the right person."

"Uh-huh," said Faith.  Both women looked at each other, frowning in perplexity.

"I don't understand," Willow began to stammer.  "I mean, they're easy spells, and, well, I don't make that kind of mistake any more.  But . . . how?"  She shook her head, as if clearing it.

"You know," said Faith thoughtfully.  "I just realized.  I've been looking at you ever since you showed up at Angel's.  Not really being aware that I was, but now I remember; I've been sneaking looks at you every chance I had.  But always while talking or doing something else--I mean we've been so crazy with everything going on.  But part of me kept wanting to look at you.  I always thought you were hot, but when you were there at Angel's, I was blown away.  I remember going, 'Whoa!' and then kind of trying to push the feeling out of my head."

"I've been doing the same thing," confessed Willow.  "And I kept telling myself I wasn't.  No offense, Faith, but it's not like I've been Faith's-biggest-fan Girl."

Faith grinned.  "No harm.  No foul.  I don't blame you considering what happened before and all."

Willow smiled shyly.  "Thanks.  But I do remember that when you said you'd come back to Sunnydale with me, I felt really happy.  It didn't make sense to me.  I mean, you and me?"

Faith raised her eyebrows suggestively.  "It's not like we're the same people we were before."  She reached her arm behind Willow, and began drawing light circles on the back of Willow's neck with one finger, all the while looking at her intently, her dark eyes almost hypnotic.

"Oh Goddess!" gasped Willow.  Her eyes closed, and her breathing came quicker for a few moments.  And a block of ice in her chest showed the slightest traces of beginning to melt.

"Want me to stop?" asked Faith softly, with just an edge of mockery in her voice.

"No, no, please don't stop," whispered Willow.  The fingertip continued tracing circles on her neck, and she felt muscles tense deep inside, while a hungry ache began to smolder at her center.  Suddenly her eyes snapped open.  "But . . . you're so different . . . "

"Hey, hey," murmured Faith soothingly.  "I'm really sorry what happened to your girl.  I know how you feel about her."  Willow nodded gratefully that Faith had used the present tense.  "And I know nothing changes that.  But, Willow, you're not the same person you were when you were with her.  I'm not trying to be rude, but you've done shit and been through shit that just changes you.  You can't go back to who you were before after what happened last spring."

"You mean after what I did last spring," amended Willow.  "But, yeah, I guess I know that inside.  I know I'll never be who I was before."  Her voice began to stammer, and a tear formed in each eye and began to trace a path down her face.

"C'mere," said Faith gently, and pulled Willow into her arms.  Willow felt the strength surrounding her and, much to her surprise, felt safe resting her head on Faith's shoulder.  Faith held her for a short while, then tangled her fingers in Willow's hair to pull her head back so she could look at her, then loosened her grip.  "Listen.  This is important.  If I'm too rough for you, you just say 'stop!'  Got it?"

"Yes, Faith."

"And if you don't stop me, I keep going.  Got that too?"  Willow nodded firmly.  And then Faith grasped Willow's hair more tightly again as her mouth closed in on Willow's, roughly parting her lips with an urgently questing tongue.

Willow responded eagerly, clinging to Faith's mouth and wrapping her arms around her waist.  Heat seemed to build between them, and the block of ice in Willow's chest seemed to be melting faster.  "Please don't let go," she whispered between kisses that burned their way down her throat.

"I won't let go, baby," murmured Faith.  "You're mine.  I don't know how I know that, but I just do.  It feels right."  She tightened her grip on Willow's hair.  "See, you can't get away."

After kissing Willow breathless, Faith said "Come here."  She helped Willow up and pushed her up against the wall of a mausoleum, her fingers digging so hard into Willow's arm they left bruises on her pale and tender red-head's skin.  Willow looked bereft for a moment until Faith reclaimed her mouth.  "You're a hungry little girl," remarked Faith after a breath-stopping kiss, sliding her hand underneath Willow's shirt, unsnapping her bra in back, and pulling it down, so that her breasts were freed, but her arms confined by the straps of the bra. As Faith's hand closed around her breast with confident possessiveness, Willow moaned desperately, both afraid of and craving Faith's touch.  Faith's thumb brushed the already-hard nipple, as she raised her eyebrows suggestively. Willow blushed, and Faith was so charmed by the blush she kissed Willow again while rolling her nipple roughly between her fingers.

"Now spread your legs and pull up your skirt," ordered Faith.  "All the way up to your waist, and hold it there."  Willow's fingers trembled, but she complied, bunching up the fabric as she pulled her skirt all the way up, blushing all the more.  Faith admired her legs as they revealed themselves, then calmly reached a hand between Willow's legs.  "Those panties are pretty soaked, baby.  That can't be very comfortable."  Faith pulled a knife out of her pocket and snicked it open.  Willow's eyes widened, but she didn't release her grip on her pulled-up skirt.  With a slice at each side, Faith had freed Willow's panties, and she caught them just as they began to slide down and stuffed them in her pocket.  With a smile she put the knife away, and began exploring between Willow's legs.  As her fingers circled the entrance to Willow's cunt, tickled her clit, and toyed with her lips, she remarked, "First chance I get, I'm going to make you expose yourself to me.  I'm going to use the brightest light I can find and open you wide and look inside you.  Maybe I'll make you hold yourself open for me, so my hands'll be free.  What do you think about that?"

Willow groaned and nodded.  Fighting inarticulateness, she finally managed to whisper, "Oh Goddess, please fuck me, Faith.  I'm gonna die if you keep touching me like that."

"No you won't," said Faith with a smirk, "but I'm definitely going to fuck you.  When I'm ready."  She continued to explore, her finger tracing a slick path between Willow's lips, then pausing to circle her clit with the lightest of touches.

Leaning against a crypt wall with her legs spread, and her skirt raised, in the middle of the cemetery, Willow was desperately conscious of the vulnerability of her position.  It made the urgency of her need even more urgent-all that mattered was her desire for release.  She whimpered as Faith lightly toyed with her cunt, tears finally springing into her eyes.

Faith noticed them, smiled, and gave Willow a rough kiss.  Then, without warning, she plunged two fingers inside Willow's burning-wet cunt.  "Oh yeah baby," she crooned deep in her throat.  "You're so hot for me, baby and so wet.  Just look at you, where anyone could see you, spread open and being fucked and loving it, needing it like air."

Willow rocked her hips to meet Faith's fingers, so desperate to come she felt like she might scream.  Tears squeezed out of her eyes, as she closed them to surrender herself entirely to the hard and fast pumping of Faith's fingers in and out of her cunt.  With her free hand, Faith was holding Willow's breast in a bruise-forming grip.  She suddenly gave a sharp twist to the nipple, demanding, "Eyes open.  Don't want you to forget who's fucking you."

"F-f-f-aith," gasped Willow breathlessly, obeying the order to open her eyes.  "Faaaaith," she moaned again.  Faith jammed her fingers inside Willow with a new relentless rhythm, and Willow felt the familiar gathering of forces at her center, but felt it harder, a coiling with more tension and strength than she had ever known.  "FAITH!" she shrieked, as the coil exploded open and liquid fire ran down her legs.  Faith left her fingers inside to feel the spasming of Willow's cunt as it gradually slowed down, and Willow threw her arms around Faith's neck to support herself, unable to hold herself up on shaking legs.

After several moments, as Faith felt Willow's breath slow with the contractions of her cunt, Faith swung Willow up in her arms and carried her back to the bench.  Once the witch had caught her breath, she let Faith lead her back toward home.  Instead of going to Buffy's house, Faith took her to a house a couple of doors down the street.  "I go here for privacy sometimes," explained Faith.  "Giles warded it for me."

Willow reflected briefly on the oddness of all the empty houses in town, houses that were now being taken over by lovers craving whatever intimacy they could find before the final battle.

"Are you going to be my good girl?" Faith asked, her voice dropping into a lower register.

"Yes, Faith," answered Willow, locking eyes with her.

"Good," said Faith, with a slight lift of her eyebrows and a carnal smile.  "Then show me."  She dropped into a chair, pulled off her boots, and then her jeans and spread her legs, and Willow was not surprised to find that Faith didn't wear underwear.  Willow knelt in front of Faith, inhaling the scent of Faith's desire for her.  She kissed Faith at the point of the triangle formed by the dark curly hairs and then set about exploring the already-wet folds with her tongue, sometimes sliding it inside Faith's cunt, sometimes flicking her clit or circling it maddeningly.  "Oh . . . yes . . . shit . . . you are my good girl."  Faith allowed Willow's tongue to keep roaming until her need was overwhelming.  She pushed Willow's head up against her and demanded, "Now, damn it, I want to come."

Willow obligingly sucked the other girl's clitoris into her mouth, licking and sucking and sometimes closing her teeth lightly on it.  Faith's eyes rested on the red head moving between her legs, then she gasped, threw her head back, and let out a triumphant howl as her body bucked and shuddered in climax.

After catching her breath, she pulled Willow up into her lap, tasting her own juices on Willow's mouth.  "We should probably get back," she said finally, with a clear reluctance in her voice.

"Yeah," said Willow in a small voice.  "And I need to talk to Kennedy."

Faith nodded, gently combing her fingers through Willow's hair.  "Yeah.  I know that's going to be rough, babe."  Faith then gave a short laugh.  "And probably just as rough talking to B."

"I'll just be bearer-of-bad-tidings-girl," laughed Willow wryly.  "Buffy will probably be more freaked than Kennedy."

Faith grinned.  "Well, for your sake, I hope she doesn't go ballistic, but I gotta admit I'm sorry I won't get to see her face."

"No, you won't," replied Willow firmly.

"You tellin' me what I can and can't do, baby?" asked Faith while giving Willow a resounding smack on the butt.  "Just remember who's boss, or there'll be more where that came from."  Willow felt her cunt contract as the impact of those words hit her.  "And, anyway," continued Faith, "I'll keep myself out of the way long as you need."

"Thank you, Faith," said Willow, dropping her eyes respectfully for a moment.  Faith pulled her into her arms for a long kiss and a comforting hug, and they headed back to the Summers house.

* * *

Faith woke up to find herself immobilized and spreadeagled; it took her a moment to realize that no bonds were holding her.  "Wil-low!" she growled.  "No fucking magick!"

"Does it scare you?" asked the redhead seductively, as she approached the bed wearing only one of Faith's t-shirts with the hint of a pair of thong panties peeking out the bottom of it.

"No, it doesn't fucking scare me, little girl!  It just means that you are in major fucking trouble!"

"I see."  Willow smiled.  "But right now, there doesn't seem to be very much you can do about it."

Faith's continued protests turned inarticulate as Willow spent the next hour teasing her relentlessly.  With fingers and mouth, it seemed she was everywhere on Faith's body; Faith wasn't sure that she wasn't using magick to stimulate more places at once.  Sometimes she felt the tip of a tongue drawn slowly across her closed eye.  Sometimes she felt a fingertip circling her nipple with the lightest of touches.  Or it was air being blown on her slick clit, making her shiver with the sudden coolness.  A finger teased the entrance of her anus without entering, and then a tongue probed her navel.  Tiny nibbles everywhere, from the soft flesh of her breasts to her muscled thighs.  A mouth sucking hungrily on her bicep.  Fingertips and lips making butterfly touches at her cunt, along her lips, and around her clit.  As she felt her arousal climbing slowly to a peak, Willow tickled her armpits, and Faith raged, "You can't begin to imagine how sorry you'll be!"  A wet mouth enclosed one toe, sucking delicately.  Fingers rolled her nipples between them, but not nearly hard enough.  A tongue explored her ear, while fingertips drew lazy figure eights on her belly.  Whenever Faith's arousal climbed, Willow backed off to safer touches, leaving Faith increasingly frustrated.  Threats, curses, and growls had no effect.  If Faith strained her pelvis to rock against the one finger slowly entering her cunt, Willow took it away and amused herself by combing through and twisting Faith's dark curls.  With superb control Willow licked a path from cunt to clit, never hard enough.  Suddenly Faith let out a whimper, a sound Willow had never heard from her before.  Rapt, she paused all of her teasing and listened as the whimper grew louder and more desperate.  Satisfied, Willow suddenly plunged two fingers in Faith's cunt, fucking her hard as she lapped at her clit with broad hard strokes.  Faith screamed as her body was rocked by the force of the long-withheld orgasm.  And as her breathing slowed, she realized she had been released from her magickal immobilization.  Willow was looking her in the eye, with a half smile.

Faith jumped off the bed.  "Did you think I was kidding when I said you were in trouble, Willow?"

"No, Faith.  I just really w-wanted t-to," stammered Willow.  She knew there would be consequences for her fun, but now that they were upon her, she had gone from feeling self-satisfied to feeling afraid very quickly.

Faith had grabbed a bag and brought it over to the bed.  She yanked Willow up, and snapped a pair of handcuffs on Willow's wrists before she could react.  Then she dragged Willow over to the foot of the bed, and flung her face down on it, her legs hanging off.  Faith quickly tied each of Willow's ankles to the legs of the bed, then tied a rope to the handcuffs, pulling Willow's arms over her head.  Faith made the rope tight, tying it to the headboard.  Willow's upper body rested on the bed, but her ass was in the air, and her legs were spread so widely that she could feel the strain in her thighs.

"Well, don't you look pretty?" remarked Faith.  "Did you provoke me on purpose so you could show off your pretty little ass and cunt to me?  They're going to be prettier soon."  Faith walked slowly over to where her jeans were draped over a chair and just as slowly pulled her belt out through the loops.

"Noo," whimpered Willow in a small voice.

"Oh yes," asserted Faith.  "Don't wanna let you get too smug about those powers of yours.  I'm gonna keep you in line, girl."

A loud crack and pain exploded on Willow's ass.  She was so shocked she lost her breath and couldn't utter a sound.  The next crack of the belt, and Willow screamed, lifting her head and dropping it back on the bed.  Faith settled into a rhythm, delivering purposeful strokes, each one a burst of agony on Willow's flesh.  Willow could feel that the slayer wasn't using nearly all her strength, but she could still feel the power coursing through the leather of the belt as it smacked her buttocks.  The force was such that she felt her flesh compressed with every stroke and then swelling outward, creating an echo of the pain that hurt perhaps more than the original searing pain.  She wailed and yelled, but through the pain she remembered that Faith had been punished for her crimes, but she herself had done so much worse, and the only consequence was going to England with Giles to learn how to control her powers.  She needed this, and she knew with complete certainty that Faith understood this as well.  Suddenly Willow shrieked more loudly than before.  Faith had aimed her blow so that the belt struck her exposed cunt; Willow had never felt pain like that in her life. Her cunt was on fire, and she imagined her lips and clit crushed by the force of the belt.  The slapping of the belt returned to her ass, smacking into swollen and sensitive flesh.  Her skin felt so tightly stretched Willow couldn't imagine that it could hold.  A few more licks of the belt on her cunt, and then Faith dropped it on the floor.

Willow was sobbing and coughing on the bed, gasping for air between choking sobs.  The sheets were soaked under her head.  Her whole body seemed to be dripping with sweat, and her ass and cunt were pulsing in rhythm with her heartbeat, swollen with heat and blood.  She didn't notice Faith coating her hands with lube, but she let out a yelp when Faith shoved three fingers in her cunt.

"You're mine," crooned Faith in a low growl.  "You're mine to use, no matter how much power you have.  Your ass is bright red, and your cunt is wide open, and that's just how I want you.  Just how I want you to look when I fuck you."  Faith was sawing her fingers in and out of Willow's cunt, then she added more lube, despite the flowing juices also coating her hand.  She added a fourth finger, stretching Willow's cunt, and then her thumb.  "I'm just not in the mood to be gentle," she noted, "so I'm gonna be rough 'cause I can do whatever I want with you."  Faith pushed her hand inside steadily.  At the widest part, Willow let out a high-pitched yelp, but Faith formed her hand into a fist, filling Willow's burning cunt.

"Oh goddess, oh Faith," moaned Willow.  "I feel you everywhere!"

"That's my good girl," said Faith and began pumping her fist in and out.  Willow cried out in a long  sound of pain and surrender and ecstasy.  When Faith tucked her other thumb into Willow's ass, Willow moaned and tried to spread her legs even wider.  "You want it don't you, girl?" demanded Faith.

"Yes, Faith!  I w-want all of it."  The steady pounding of Faith's fist on her cervix caused a deep ache that was nearly unbearable, but Willow felt herself falling into the pain, then floating, then soaring in a wild dance among the stars, with orgasm after orgasm crashing through her until the relentless rhythm of Faith's fist began to slow.  Willow whimpered, and Faith drove her fist hard into her cervix one more time, and one more climax rocked her body.  Then Faith's fist moved more slowly, and Willow became aware of the room around her and Faith's other hand gently stroking her hip.

Faith started pulling her fist out, but stopped just at the wide part of her hand, stretching Willow unbearably wide, listening to her moans and whimpers.  "Willow.  Do you know how I know you're mine?  How I know I can fuck you and hurt you and use you however I want?"

"How do you know?" asked Willow in a tiny voice, her body completely tensed from the stretching just inside her cunt.

"'Cause you could get free anytime.  From the ropes, the handcuffs.  You could make me stop hurting you.  You could stop me fucking you.  With your magick you could get away from me any time.  But you surrender instead, no matter how much it hurts or how hard it is for you.  You blush that pretty blush, and I know you're embarrassed, but you just open yourself up to me no matter what I want to do to you.  And you know I want to hurt you and hear you cry and expose you and see you blush.  And you could stop me, but you don't.  That's how I know you're mine, baby."

"I am yours, Faith," said Willow in a voice raw from screaming.

"That's my good girl."  Faith untied all the ropes and unlocked the handcuffs.  Then she lifted Willow to lay her down with her head on a pillow and pulled covers over her nude body.  She brought Willow some water to drink, then crawled into bed with her, pulling Willow into her arms, just as Willow began to sob.  Faith held her and rocked her and soothed her, and when Willow begged, "Stay with me," Faith murmured that she was keeping her and would never let her go.  And Willow snuggled her head onto Faith's breast, and Faith held her close while they fell asleep, oblivious for a while to the dangers around them and the coming battle against the First.

* * *

They were in a car, Faith driving, on their way across country.  Willow planned to visit universities and decide where to finish her degree, knowing she would pretty much have her pick.  She also planned to use her powers to locate the new slayers so the others could contact them and offer guidance.  Faith knew that wherever they ended up, there would be demons and vampires for her to slay and people who needed the particular kind of help she could provide.

Suddenly, Willow said, "That spell was just so incredible.  It was amazing.  I couldn't believe the power going through me; it was so different from when I used such strong magick . . . before.  And it was me calling on those forces.  I knew I had a lot of power, but I had no idea it was like this."

"Y'know," drawled Faith huskily, "if your head gets much more swelled, I am so going to take you down.  You're going to be on your knees, whimpering and crying and yelling, and you're going to be begging me to hurt you and fuck you and take you down even more."

Willow considered this for a moment, feeling that familiar coil of arousal tighten at her center.  "Yes, Faith, I know," she assented, sharing Faith's complicit smile.

The End.

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