Rated NC-17


Pairing:  Angelus/William

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns 'em, i am just playing with words and characters. Besides, this isn't even canon.

Summary: What will keep William amused if dragged to the opera by his sire?

Warning:  Operatic misbehavior.

Notes: Improv: vice, shelter, alert, wax
RECITATIVE: A style of operatic writing that approximates the rhythms and contours of normal speech; usually accompanied by simple chords in the
orchestra or on a keyboard instrument.

          by Avarice

"Stand still," Angelus chided, straightening the cravat of the younger vampire in the middle of the busy foyer. William ached to bat his sire's hands away, but knew that would have been on the same par as asking the dark-haired vampire to please punch him in the face.

William looked around uncomfortably, as Angelus fussed over his appearance.  If he could have found shelter from the anally retentive onslaught, he would have. As it was, the hidden smiles he was getting from entering patrons made him want to blush profusely.

Or slash throats.

It was a tossup, really.

Angelus made annoying little 'tsk tsk' sounds. "I suppose this'll haveta do," He dusted a speck from his immaculately brushed suit lapel and looked into William's eyes.

Behind the bravado and insolence, he saw sheer terror at being dragged to the opera.

It seemed like a fair enough outing to Angelus. Darla had dolled up Drusilla, bundling her off to some party leaving him alone with William for the evening. Angelus didn't mind. He'd spent the last two months travelling the continent with his sire, and was in the mood for some male companionship..

It seemed like a good enough deal to him. Two of his favourite vices -- Puccini and Will. The older vampire looked his childe up and down. Encased in dark blue, the suit he wore only seemed to accentuate cerulean eyes. Will cut a handsome figure in outfit, it accentuated his marblesque skin, and beautifully lithe body. Angelus licked his lips surreptitiously.

Definitely in the mood for some male companionship.

An usher directed them to their seats. Angelus had specifically requested less profile seats in the back of the main arena as opposed to a box, because he knew how much Will despised aristocratic trappings. The older vampire still had some influence, as it were, and saw to it that the aisle was empty. At least this way, he wouldn't be totally disruptive.

"Come on," the dark-haired vampire took William's elbow and led him inside.  William trudged forward with hunched shoulders as if carrying the cross up Calgary.

The image was so titillating, Angelus chuckled as they reached their seats.

"I don't see what you're laughing at," William grumbled. "Christ knows there's nothing funny about the bleedin' opera," Angelus' raucous laughter at the turn of phrase made a few patrons turn and look disapprovingly. The vampire ignored them and shoed William to the middle of the empty aisle.

"What's the name of this again?" Will asked in a petulant tone.

"La Bohème."

Will waited for the elaboration, which he knew would come.

He didn't have to wait long.

"'Tis the story of a an artist and a poet who are poor. They dinna have money t' keep warm so-"

"They freeze to death?" Will asked hopefully.

"-they put pages o' poetry on the stove."

"Good." Will nodded. "I hate soddin' poetry."

Angelus smirked and continued. "The philosopher and the musician come in and-"

"Hang on a second, does anyone die in this opera?"

"Yes." Angelus answered succinctly, disturbed at being interrupted again.

Will breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. I'd hate to have to sit through this and get no effin' closure."

The elder vampire began his explanation for the third time. "They enter with food an' money. But their landlord comes in an'-

"Please no more. It's enough I have to sit here and watch the bloomin' thing. If you wax poetic about it any more.. I don't think I could handle it twice in one night."

Angelus' eyes smouldered at the insolence as the lights dimmed. "I've been wanting t' see this performance for a while," he hissed. "Dinna fuck it up fer me, William. Ye will behave or ye will regret it."

Will dropped his sire's gaze submissively. Satisfied with his childe's backdown, Angelus turned his eyes towards the stage, where the performers would be appearing in a few moments.

William fidgeted unhappily. This was the first time he'd seen his sire in two months, and the first time they'd been alone together in at least four.  This was so far away from what he'd envisioned, it didn't even rate on any kind of a scale.

Will sighed dejectedly and looked to the stage. The singing started and he rolled his eyes. To top it off, of course he had no idea what language they were singing in. Italian, most likely, but it didn't make a lick of difference if you couldn't fucking well speak it.

He looked up to the handsome profile of his sire. The older vampire was completely enraptured by the singing, even mouthing along with the foreign words. How utterly perfect.

For the first ten minutes of the performance the younger vampire attempted to loosen the cravat Angelus had tied so tightly around his neck. Finding he couldn't do that without drawing undue attention to himself, he spent the next twenty minutes locating potential targets for the intermission. And another ten salivating over the neck of the young woman sitting in front of him. His fangs itched to sink into the pale pink flesh, but he figured his sire might be a touch upset at having the performance interrupted in this way.

The younger man sighed again and looked up at Angelus. If it was possible, it looked like he was enjoying the caterwauling even more than before. He let his eyes slide down the divine form of his sire -- broad chest encased in the finest silks and linens, material clinging to each contour sensuously... the slightly rounded stomach that Will absolutely adored... powerful and corded thighs, a larger than normal bulge in the front of charcoal pants and--

He was getting hard? Oh god, Angelus was getting off on the opera. Will knew he should probably be offended by that, but right at that moment, he was entirely too horny to care. It had been far too long since he had touched his sire, and he'd be dusted if this night was going to be a total writeoff.

With the stealth of a predator, William slipped his hand into Angelus' lap and stroked the older man's length, which reacted instantly. He shot a fearful glance at his sire's face, wondering whether he was going to get the beating of an unlifetime for this. Angelus had imperceptibly raised an eyebrow, but nothing else, acquiescing.

Breathing in deeply in anticipation, Will's fingers danced over the other vampire's erection, hard as steel underneath dark dress pants. They alternately stroked and squeezed, teasing until they elicited a growling moan that was only audible to the younger man.

Angelus was pouring all his concentration into following the performance, and so the expression of simultaneous surprise, annoyance and lust that appeared on his face when cool air hit his pelvis as his trousers were undone was worthy of a frame. The two hands that steadied themselves on his upper thighs finally made Angelus look down. William had gotten out of his seat and was currently crouched between his legs, a cherubic smile of innocence on his face as he extracted the dark-haired vampire's dick from his pants.

Sucking in a thick gasp, Angelus' hips jerked out of the plush chair as Will placed a soft kiss on the very tip of his throbbing member. Blue eyes danced with devilish intent as his tongue traced over cold ridges. The younger vampire scraped blunt teeth up and down Angelus' stiff flesh, nipping and licking along the way.

Placing his tongue at the base of his sire's cock, he laved a long, wet trail to the tip and drew back. He watched the dark-haired man's hands tense around the arms of his seat. Will blew gently on the moist skin, nodding in pleasure as Angelus involuntarily shivered and dug his nails into the wood of the chair arms.

Angelus was preparing himself for the next oral onslaught while vowing to keep his eyes on the stage when it never came. He shifted his feet in an annoyed fashion, but he'd lost the sublime contact. The dark-haired vampire wiggled his hips, making his erection sway blatantly. Angelus rolled his eyes and let out a hiss in frustration.

As he lifted his hips off the chair, the older vampire felt his trousers being pulled down around his knees. Satisfied that William was finally moving along, he relaxed slightly.


The wood of the seat arms began to splinter under Angelus' hands as a slim, wet finger ran along his perineum, down to his tight, ringed entry. The older man closed his eyes and muttered a string of curses. A few patrons turned and glanced in irritation at the handsome young man in the back row who seemed to be highly strung. For his part, Angelus attempted a weak smile, hoping to avoid alerting them to the fact he was sitting in an opera bare-assed with a young (and soon to be DEAD) man kneeling between his legs.

With a look of utter concentration. Will traced his finger around the edge of the muscle, stifling his smile when his sire growled pitifully. The younger man traced his finger up, stroking the fine hair covering Angelus' testicles.

It was too much for the older vampire. He had long since stopped paying attention to the opera. His childe's performance was far more enthralling.  With the contact for his.. less stimulated areas ceased, he found he was able to relax, albeit slightly. Angelus let out a muffled curse as Will enclosed the head of his prick with his mouth and sucked away the gathering essence.

William swirled his tongue around the swollen head, scraping it through his teeth before sweeping over the sensitive slit. Angelus masked his expletives by cursing in Gaelic. He jerked his hips up in the vain attempt to get his childe to take more in his mouth, but the younger vampire pulled away.

Angelus opened his eyes and looked down, meeting those of his childe.  William looked up at him, his face blank and serious. Then, a smile began to curve his lips. His mouth opened showing white teeth that shone in the dim light of the theatre. He laughed silently, eyes shining with wickedness. The dark-haired vampire's cock jumped.

His eyes closed in relief when William's mouth closed over his aching penis and slid down to take more into his throat. This is how these things were supposed to go. No more surprises.


A creaking groan followed by the brittle sound of shattering wood filled the air, and Angelus wrenched the arms right off his seat, as Will's hand returned to the older vampire's sphincter and inserted two fingers. A few people turned around to investigate the sound, but Angelus -- with demon face barely concealed -- growled savagely at them.

It took a moment for Angelus to get marginally accustomed to the penetration. He had not been touched there for a long time, and certainly never by Will, in any form. His childe moved slender fingers slowly, stretching the dark-haired man's entryway as gently as possible, all the while sliding luscious soft lips up and down his marble-hard erection. Will moved his lips down as far as he could, taking most of Angelus' length in his mouth. Angelus waited for him to move again, but..

He just stopped.

Angelus ground his teeth in frustration. He was just about to grab that insolent head and thrust viciously when something made him lose any coherent thoughts he might've been stringing together. He felt it rather than heard it at first, but it soon grew in pitch and volume.

William began to hum.

And it wasn't just tuneless noise or bawdy drinking songs -- which was the only music Angelus thought Will knew -- but La Bohème itself. His younger childe picked up the tune of Quando m'en vo, and kept beautiful time with the Musetta on stage, brazenly singing about her popularity.

The vibrations that emerged from that divine throat sent tremors of pleasure throughout the older vampire. Uncaring of his surroundings, he began a steady stream of garbled curses, expletives and a few prayers in his native tongue.

Loins on fire, Angelus could feel his climax building in the pit of his belly. He knew it was only a matter of seconds before release. William moved his occupied hand up languidly to caress his sire's heavy sacs. When he added some extra suction to his humming, the game was over.

Angelus' eyes rolled back into his head, eyelids fluttering madly. Biting back an unholy scream, he settled for another Irish swear as his orgasm disappeared down the younger man's eager throat. Will milked his sire steadily, not spilling a drop of seed. Once finished, he ended how he began, placing a kiss on the crown of Angelus' rapidly softening member. He assisted the older vampire's attempts to pull his trousers up with shaky hands, before dusting his seat of splinters and sitting down.

Angelus glanced unbelievingly at his childe, who -- without looking at the older man -- interlaced their hands together, and seemingly became immersed in the last few minutes of Act II.

In no time, the curtains had descended to polite applause, signalling the beginning of the intermission. The dark-haired man turned towards the younger, ready to kiss him senseless or smack him stupid (he hadn't decided which) when the woman seated in front tapped him on the shoulder.

"I do say," she asked rather primly. "Was that your singing during the last act? It was quite, quite lovely." Angelus was mortified, and searched his brain for any response that might seem remotely plausible. The last thing he needed was assistance from his offspring.

"It was indeed, Mistress." William piped up. Angelus glared venom at the younger man, but the woman didn't seem to notice.

"How wonderful! So melodic and charming... but it was not Italian. Pray what language was it?"

"I.. uh.."

"Gaelic. Sorry Mistress, he seems to be at a loss for words." William chucked his thumb toward Angelus and leant forward conspiratorially.  "Singing's a sort of private thing he doesn't usually share with anyone but me. It's a bit embarrassing for him to be caught out like this."

The woman turned to Angelus and nodded sympathetically. "You really shouldn't be so shy with a talent like that. It was quite marvellous. Will you sing the rest of the opera?"

"Aye," the vampire replied, finally gaining his voice. "But no' here. Will an' I must unfortunately leave now."

Will glanced up at his sire, and briefly wondered whether the hungry-come-evil look he was receiving from Angelus was a good thing. With the assistance of the older man, Will got up out of his chair and they began to exit the aisle.

"Good gracious!" The woman exclaimed. "What happened to your chair?" she gestured to the broken and splintered wood.

"Riveting performance." Angelus quipped before making a small polite bow and exiting to the foyer, William laughing up a storm behind him.

Will lit a cigarette as they walked through the large oaken double doors and out onto the street.

"How come we're not staying to watch the rest?" He asked lightly, clearly not disappointed at the early departure.

"I know where there's another viewin'," Angelus could barely contain the huskiness and pure sexual energy in his voice. He pulled the younger man abruptly into a small alley, pressing him up against the cold bricks. The dark-haired vampire held his childe in a punishing grip sure to leave bruises, attacking the mouth that had caused him such torment with his own.

He pulled up eventually, leaving William gasping. "Funny..." he breathed heavily. "Never liked.. opera.. before that,"

The chuckle that emerged from Angelus' throat sent Will's nerve endings jangling.

"You thought that was fun... wait for Act III."


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