Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules the Legendary Journeys

This set of icons was created for the icons100 Challenge at Live Journal.  The challenge is 100 icons, 50 of which have assigned themes.  The themed icons will have the theme next to them.  After this set of 100 icons, a couple of colorbars and more icons (both HTLJ and XWP) follow.

1) Water                      2) Lost                      3)                     4) Laughter                     

5)                      6) Misery                      7) All That I Am                      8) 

9) Red                      10) Companionship                      11) All is Wrong                      12)

13) Soul Food                      14) My Drug                      15)                      16) Snarky 

17) Wicked                      18) Mmm Yum!                      19) A Dreamer's Dream                      20) Secrets 

21) Desire                      22)                      23)                      24) Full of Regret 

25) Sorrow                      26) Flowers                      27)                      28) Ice 

29) Magical                      30) Beautiful                      31) Time                       32) Blue 

33) Tears                       34) Glory                     35) I've Been Bad                     36) Smile 

37) Forgotten                      38)                     39)                     40) Embrace 

41) So Close Yet So Far Away                      42) Alone                     43) Fire                      44) Green 

45) Why                      46) Trouble in Paradise                      47)  Sunshine                      48) 

49) Mine                      50) Rain                      51) Kiss                      52) 

53) Brightness                      54) From Now On                      55) Joy                      56) Hope 

57) Colorful                      58)                      59) All is Right                      60) Reminisce 

61) Fury                      62) Hush                      63)                     64) Love 

65)                      66)                      67)                      68) 

69)                      70)                      71)                     72)

73)                      74)                      75)                      76) 

77)                     78)                      79)                      80) 

81)                      82)                      83)                      84) 

85)                      86)                      87)                      88) 

89)                      90)                      91)                      92) 

                    94)                      95)                      96) 

97)                      98)                      99)                      100) 

HTLJ and XWP Colorbars and Icons

Amazon Goddess

The code:

Women Warriors Rule

The code:

1)                     2)                     3)                     4)

5)                     6)                     7)                     8)

9)                     10)                     11)                    12) 

13)                     14)                     15)                     16) 

     17)                     18)                     19)                     20)     

21)                     22)                     23)                     24) 

25)                     26)                     27)                     28) 

    29)                     30)   


Feel free to grab any of these images, but please credit either to "atara" or, on Live Journal, to "astarte59."  Comments are also much appreciated!
The images belong to the creators of the respective series; this page is not-for-profit endeavor.  While I occasionally choose to provide a textless version of an icon as an alternate, all of the icons on this page are completed works, not bases, whether they contain text or not.


pictures from XWP and HTLJ I've had so long that I don't remember their source, unfortunately.   Screencaps from Ashera's Archive, Chimera's Realm, Hudson Leick Online, Juicy-Flawless.org, Mary Crawford's Vices, Mike's Images, Xena: Warrior Princess Shrine, XENARULZ.com, and XWP: Writing and Roleplay.

icons for icons1001) Gradient by pekeana.  2) Texture by oxoniensis, brush by inxsomniax.  3) Brush by quebelly.  4) Texture by astarte59, brushes by _joni and inxsomniax.  5) Brush by quebelly.  6) Textures by astarte59,  blimey_icons and pekeana, brushes by pekeana and quebelly.  7) Gradient by adoraheatherly.  8) and 9) Brushes by inxsomniax.  10) Brushes by teh_indy, pekeana, and quebelly.  11) Gradients by pekeana and  rough_draft___, brushes by  pekeana and inxsomniax.  12)  Brush by inxsomniax, Marlon Perkins image from Wild Kingdom.com, and logo from imdb.com.  13) Texture by daughterofsnape and brush by pekeana.  14) Texture by daughterofsnape.  15) Brush by inxsomniax.  16) Texture by daughterofsnape.  17) Texture by bombayicons, brush by inxsomniax.  19) Texture by bombayicons, gradients by pekeana.  20) Brush by rL-Brushes.  21) Brushes by pekeana and inxsomniax.  22) Brushes by _joni and pekeana.  23) Brush by pekeana.  25) Gradient by daughterofsnape, texture by pocket_icons, brush by pekeana.  26) Gradient by pekeana, brushes by pekeana and rL-Brushes.  27) Brush by inxsomniax.  28) Gradient by daughterofsnape, brush by astarte59.  29) Brush by pekeana.  30) Gradients by pekeana and rough_draft___, brushes by pekeana and inxsomniax.  32) Brushes by pekeana, _joni, astarte59, silentwings.net, texture by blimey_icons.  33) Texture by iconistas, brush by silentwings.net.  34) Gradient and brush by pekeana.  35) Texture by daughterofsnape.  36) Texture by astarte59, brush by pekeana.  37) Brushes by teh_indy and inxsomniax, gradient by daughterofsnape.  38) Brush by pekeana.  39) Texture and brush by astarte59.  40) Texture by blimey_icons, gradient by rough_draft___.  41) Brush by inxsomniax, textures by oxoniensis and spaceyme.  42) Brush by inxsomniax.  43) Brushes by_joni, quebelly, silentwings.net, gradient by pekeana.  44) Brushes by quebelly, inxsomniax.  46) Textures by awmp.net, ashke_icons,  anais_dirge; brushes by inxsomniax, silentwings.net.  47) Gradient by crumblingwalls, texture by ashke_icons, brush by pekeana.  48) Texture by pocket_icons, brush by silentwings.net.  49) Texture by daughterofsnape, brush by inxsomniax.  50) Gradient by crumblingwalls, brush by theatresphynx.  51) Texture by anais_dirge, gradient by pekeana.  52) Textures by masterjinn and anais_dirge, brushes by pekeana and theatresphynx.  53) Background from stock.xchng, brushes by _joni, and dj43.  54) Textures by __spectral, astarte59, and anais_dirge; gradient and brush by pekeana.  55) Texture by daughterofsnape, brushes by astarte59.  56) Texture by ashke_icons, gradient by pekeana, brush by silentwings.net.  57) Brushes by theatresphynx, and im_glas.  58) Created using the Mini-Mizer at Reasonably Clever with a few touches added in PS7.  Reasonably Clever is highly recommended--it's a lot of fun.  59) Textures by anais_dirge, gradient by pekeana.  60) Gradient by rough_draft___.  61)  Textures by pocket_icons, brush by silentwings.net.  62) Textures by anais_dirge and astarte59, brush by pekeana.  63) Textures by spaceyme and masterjinn, brush by inxsomniax, lyric from Nine Inch Nails, "hurt," The Downward Spiral (Nothing TVT/Interscope, 1994).  64) Brush by pekeana, dialog from XWP, "One Against an Army."  65) Textures by daughterofsnape and colorfilter; brush by inxsomniax.  66) Base by astarte59. 67) Textures by elli.  68) Texture by daughterofsnape.  69) Texture by ladybanteerin, border image by fadeastride.  70) Texture by ladybanteerin, brush by pekeana.  71) Gradient by masterjinn, texture by astarte59, brushes by pekeana and astarte59.  72) Textures by ladybanteerin, gradients by rough_draft___ and pekeana, brush by inxsomniax.  73) Textures by blimey_icons, anais_dirge, and astarte59, brush by theatresphynx.   74) Textures by __spectral, colorfilter, astarte59, and ladybanteerin, gradient by lovelytrash.org; brushes by saltsweetbitter, quebelly, _joni; lyrics from Talking Heads, "People Like Us," True Stories (Sire Records Company, 1986), although I was thinking of John Goodman singing the song in the movie.  75) Textures by anais_dirge and ladybanteerin, image by brokenicon, brushes by pekeana.  76) Textures by iconistas, brushes by ohpaintbrush, pekeana.  77) Textures by bombayicons, ladybanteerin, spaceyme, gradient by lovelytrash.org, brushes by quebelly, vodkaandirony, silentwings.net.  78) Brush by pekeana.  79) Texture by elli, gradient by rough_draft___, brush by astarte59.  80) Texture by ashke_icons, gradient by elliptica.  81) Textures by magnetboyicons and bombayicons, brush by theatresphynx.  82) Textures by daughterofsnape, ps_neke, and awmp, brush by pekeana.  83) Gradients by rough_draft___ and pekeana, brushes by ladybanteerin and pekeana, quote from XWP, "Amphipolis Under Siege."  84) Textures by ladybanteerin, withaghost, brush by dj43.  85) Textures by lovelytrash.org and astarte59, brush by eiluned.  86) Texture by colorfilter, brushes by _joni, astarte59, and eiluned.  87) Texture by elli; gradients by pekeana, crumblingwalls, and rough_draft___; brushes by ps_neke.  88) Texture by lovelytrash.org, gradient by pekeana, brush by dj43.  89) Texture by ashke_icons, brush by pekeana.  90) Brush by eiluned.  91) Gradient by pekeana; brushes by pekeana and eiluned.  92) Texture by twilightbadgirl.  93) Textures by ashke_icons and astarte59; brush by theatresphynx.  94) Texture by daughterofsnape; brushes by ps_neke, dj43.  95) Brushes by _joni and pekeana.  96) Texture by anais_dirge; brushes by _joni and pekeana.  97) Texture by lovelytrash.org; brushes by elli and astarte59.  98) Textures by bombayicons and daughterofsnape; gradient by elliptica; brushes by pekeana.  99) Textures by elli, ashke_icons, and astarte59; gradient by daughterofsnape; brush by pekeana.  100) Texture by xxestellaxx; gradients by lovelytrash.org; brush by dj43.

HTLJ and XWP icons:  1) I posted this icon in fading_coal a long time ago all by its lonesome, along with a somewhat pretentious commentary about the ways Michael Hurst--the director of "Greece is Burning"--plays with the critical cliché of the "male gaze."  If you are or were a graduate student and were exposed to the extremely-overused appearance of these two words together (or used them yourself--it's OK; we all did things we aren't proud of in order to get a good grade on a paper or an article published) and want to read what I had to say at the time about the icon, you can find it here.  Pretty please indulge me!  If only because Michael Hurst is really brilliant and I'd like to think I had something useful to say about the episode, Michael Hurst's directing skills, and his skillful wielding of H/I subtext. Textures by bombayicons, magnetboyicons, anais_dirge, inxsomniax; gradients by daskomma, and rough_draft___; brushes by theatresphynx.  2)  Texture by 11amgraphics, brush by teh_indy.  3) Base by cdg, texture by 11amgraphics, brush by phlourish_icons.  4) Base by colorfilter; textures by astarte59, lookslikeicons, and bombayicons; brushes by ps_neke and lovelytrash.org; pattern by adoraheatherly.  5) Base by blimey_icons, texture by astarte59, gradient by yuzurenai, brushes by phlourish_icons and ps_neke.  6) Base by blimey_icons, gradient by zemie; brushes by cdg, colorfilter, and crumblingwalls.  7) Texture by quebelly, gradients by astarte59, brushes by pekeana.  8) Base by ladybanteerin, brushes by Firestorm.nu and fraoch_icons.  9) Base by ladybanteerin, brushes by ps_neke and phlourish_icons.  10) Base by magnetboyicons, gradient by scully7491, brushes by ps_neke, pekeana, adoraheatherly, and dj43.  11) Base by astarte59, texture by wonderland__, brushes by Firestorm.nu and ps_neke.  12) Base by _iconographer; textures by wonderland__ and icenedra; brushes by ps_neke and creative_coaxme.  13) Textures by astarte59, digitaljazz,  and wonderland__; brushes by anyathe, sanami276, fluffy_monster, Firestorm.nu, and ps_neke.  14) Gradients by scully7491, astarte59, and iconism; brushes by fluffy_monster and scary8511.  15) Textures by anais_dirge and astarte59; gradient by hms_graphics, brush by adoraheatherly.  16) Textures by colorfilter, ffyunie, 11amgraphics, adoraheatherly, and firaga; gradient by adoraheatherly.  17) Texture by daughterofsnape, gradients by daughterofsnape and astarte59.  18) Base by _promenadeicons, texture by unobstructed_textures, brush by ps_neke.  19) Textures by ashke_icons, cala_jane@_thepleiades, ianthinus, quebelly, masquerade_arts, and astarte59; gradient by weapon_icons; brushes by astarte59 and phlourish_icons. 20) Textures by _iconographer, astarte59, pinkpanthress-stock, ps_neke, cdg, september_icons, and _promenadeicons; gradients by adoraheatherly, bittersweet_art, and daughterofsnape; brushes by mutsie_brushes and unmasked_icons.  21) Base by risha666, texture by quebelly, gradient by pekeana, brush by phlourish_icons.  22) Base by hisatomi, texture by quebelly, gradient by bittersweet_art, brush by phlourish_icons.  23) Gradient by astarte59, border image by fadeastride, brush by captainarrg.  24) Base by wonderland__; textures by ashke_icons and astarte59; brushes by Firestorm.nu, pinkpanthress-stock, mutsie_brushes, cassie47, and perfetc__.  25)
Base by wonderland__; textures by ashke_icons and astarte59; brushes by Firestorm.nu, pinkpanthress-stock, mutsie_brushes, and cassie47.  26) Base by magnetboyicons; gradient by astarte59; brushes by ps_neke, unmasked_icons, pekeana, and brokenicon; sword image by astarte59.  27) Gradient by adoraheatherly; brushes by ps_neke, masquerade_arts, mutsie_brushes, and quebelly.  28) Base by wonderland__; texture by spiritcoda; brushes by adoraheatherly, ElizavetBrushes, and batskull_69.  29) Base by wonderland__, texture by spiritcoda, brushes by adoraheatherly and ElizavetBrushes.  30) Base by astarte59; textures by wonderland__ and astarte59; brushes by colorfilter, quebelly, and astarte59.



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